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Acceptable Surrounds for RF-52 II and RC-52 II


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I am new to the forums and have a question regarding the setup I am considering. In the past i have had the quintet II 5.1 series with a 12 inch klipsch sub but started to upgrade my equipment because it was to small and out dated. So here i what i have purchased so far......

Already own - thanks to newegg shell shockers!!

2x RF-52 II - Fronts

1 - RC-52 II - Center

Yamaha AX1000 - AVR

Sony Blue Ray Player

Would it be a bad idea to place the 2 or 4 speakers from my quintet II system as surround speakers to make either a 5.1 or 7.1 setup? The room size is roughly 20x40 with the listening area being only 20x20 w/ 9ft ceilings (basement install). I have been eyeing the RS-42 or RS-52 but the wife is already giving me the EYE [:)]

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