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ev st 350b - is the lens horn interchangeable with a k77M horn lens - how do I split them apart


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I have a couple of k77's that dont work - but I also have 2 EV ST350B tweeters that I had on spare for EV S1503 cabs brand new in the box - can I interchange the horn lens from the two - can I split the horn lens of the ST-350B and replace it with a k77M-

-I split my lens horn from the k77M - Man , was I affraid to damage the cup assembly - but the EV ST350B is one solid part - are these splittable or is this a fixed part - anyone have any input I would really appreciate - tx

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the st-350b uses the same 4 bolt spacing as the k-77 ceramic. the st-350b bolts are longer. the st-350a has a 3 bolt arrangement. there are basically three sections to these horns....the first is the lens itself, then the coil housing, then the magnet. the lens of the st-350b and lens of the k-77/t-35 ceramin are interchanable. problem is that seperating the lens from the coil assembly will often damage the coil since great force is needed and there would be no bolts holding the magnet to the coil.

I personally would not break some st-350's to repair some k-77's. if you need some coils premounted in cups and want to to a trade of some kind for your st-350's send me a pm. I have a few new kits.

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