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Klipsch La Scalas w/upgrades - $1400 (Watertown, NY)

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These were posted before:

1977 LaScalas with consecutive serial numbers. these have fastrac
midrange horns from Daves Fastlane audio....very nice upgrade over k-400
horn, also have ALK universal crossovers from ALK Engineering. all
original drivers. I have beefed up the cabinet side walls and added some
bracing as well to alleviate side wall flex that original LaScalas are
noted for...then new oak veneer applied. I top mounted the tweeters and
places some felt pads to reduce reflections and cosmetically cover the
original tweeter opening on front baffle...easily put back to original
if wanted. The top mounts did increase openess of sound significantly.
you can google Daves Fastlane and ALK Engineering to research
upgrades....they are near $800 upgrades. these sound increadible and
will easily generate clean live sound pressure levels with very little
power...they have very nice sound quality and will play as loud as
anyone would want.....they are subtle but can absolutely assault you as
well. no k-400 colorations with the fastracs and the crossovers are
adjustable for the midrange to suite your taste. I also added some 4"
legs to lift them off the floor slightly....very nice improvement in
mid-bass clarity when I did this. if interested call 315-523-3774 to


No affiliation.


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If you like heavily modified speakers, then go ahead. Personally, I like the bright sound of the stock horn. If I wanted something warmer, I'd just buy a different speaker. The tweet on top looks kind of goofy too.

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