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Early vs Late Production Forte II Tweeter Polarity


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I was going through all of the "stuff" I have accumulated over the years and found the original crossover network boards for my Forte II. I had replaced the Klipsch networks with ALK networks a few years back.


I have two pairs of Forte II, one from October 1989, WO with brown heather grill cloth and a second pair from June 1992, WO with #19 black grill cloth.


I took a good look at the network circuit boards and discovered and the early network board has the tweeter in a "normal" connection configuration and the newer network board has the tweeter in reverse connection configuration.  Both boards are etched with the same board number KSC 101.


I recall some forum conversation a while back when the network schematic list was being put together, there was an issue with the Forte II network schematic and it was redrawn by one of the forum members. Now I am thinking the schematic is was correct for the early production of the Forte II. 


Just curious, does anyone know when the network was changed? 

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