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    Southwestern Pennsylvania
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    1975 Klipschorns - Scott 299a by NOS Valves - Thorens 126 MKIII - Supex SD-901

    Forte II/KG 5.5 - Sansui AU717/TU517 - Denon 3910 - Dual CS5000 - Shure M111E

    Heresy - Sansui G2000 (The $25 system that started my Klipschoholism)

    Rebuilding - 1975 Belles, MTM singles & AR-XA

    Idle - Forte II - Heresy WO - SW10 II - KG 2.5 - OHM Walsh2 - SAE 201 - and a load of parts and pieces

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  1. Carl it was a great time. Just too much going on the last few years to get back. If anyone donated it was you, the drinks were perfect.
  2. I was there for the demo with the RF7 II and the P-39 and agree with you. Very little difference for the price.
  3. No affiliation. https://pittsburgh.craigslist.org/ele/d/pittsburgh-klipschorn-speakers-2-pairs/7081823291.html
  4. Sale price is gone. Original Great ESS Heil Air Motion Transformerâ„¢ I - LARGE $170.00 Regular price
  5. A great one stop shop for all things Klipsch. It looks like a road trip.
  6. Here you go, the screw from the Forte II with the plastic corner braces.
  7. It certainly is not the days when one could calibrate the old Simpson multimeter with a few basic tools. 😉
  8. Good to hear. The cost to send it for calibration to Great Britain and the VAT tax are about the cost of a new meter.
  9. Greetings all, 5 years ago I purchased a PEAK LCR45 multimeter which was used for a few projects. The meter has sat unused for a few years, so I replaced the battery and I am getting a recalibration message. Does anyone use this meter and has this message came up?
  10. It's 17 and light snow, cold. A week ago it was 70 degrees, just crazy.
  11. OK, thanks I do not have anything to use the networks in.
  12. 70 degrees in Southwest Pennsylvania in JANUARY.
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