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    Forte II/KG 5.5 - Sansui AU717/TU517 - Denon 3910 - Dual CS5000 - Shure M111E

    Heresy - Sansui G2000 (The $25 system that started my Klipschoholism)

    Rebuilding - 1975 Belles, MTM singles & AR-XA

    Idle - Forte II - Heresy WO - SW10 II - KG 2.5 - OHM Walsh2 - SAE 201 - and a load of parts and pieces

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  1. toolz

    Maybe my wife is right

    Jerry those are looking sweet. Nice work.
  2. toolz

    ALK or Crites B3 for Cornwall

    Wow, sorry to hear about Dave.
  3. toolz

    WTB: ALK Universal Crossovers

    jbetanc, You have a PM toolz
  4. toolz


    *** really? What's the address. I'll send a truck.
  5. toolz

    Tony Barrow Dead

  6. toolz

    Recommended replacement speakers

    I agree with Deang. Fortes.
  7. toolz

    What is heck is this & how do I grill it

    That looks like a 2 beer pork steak. Open beer one put pork steak on grill. Drink beer, when finished with first beer flip over the pork steak. Open second beer and drink. When done drinking second beer the pork steak is finished.
  8. At the wife's request, homemade pasta, sauce and meatballs with a Greek salad and garlic bread with wine and maybe more wine.
  9. toolz

    Man Steals Speakers in Prius (Cleveland News)

    Nice find. Enjoy.
  10. toolz

    Snake Oil Salesmen

    or water, which we all use and enjoy.
  11. toolz

    Kudos to Klipsch!

    Nice, very nice. Keeping up with the youth. My twin daughters will love this, compact and with all the inputs.
  12. toolz

    The Marshall & Wendell speaks...

    Dave, nice piece of music. Who did the restoration on the player? It sounds very good.
  13. toolz

    Yamaha BX-1 Mono's.... I MUST BE CRAZY!

    Nice work, on those monsters.