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Demoee and Demoers? Post Your 2 Channel Vids here


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Humor me but I'm just trying new things.


Regardless of platform may it be youtube, vimeo, facebook, etc. people now a days (that was yesterdays actually) has been uploading video show casing a thing or two about themselves and their particular interest.


So I thought why not demo online? In the absence of real world audition I take youtube demo anytime. I said youtube demo because this kind of audition will not give you all there is to know about the system (there's alot I know). It's just like meeting Jim for the first time. I know his name, I know how he looks like and just enough to get both of us to know each other, the obvious stuff. But then if I want to know him better maybe I'll live-in with him for a while - Ops lets make that a her and call her vanessa, its fun that way  :happy:

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So let me take the first shot. I uploaded 2 youtube videos to compare Marantz vs SET tube amp. Please note that this make more sense heard via earphones / headphones.


Marantz and Klipsch - Playing Too Young by Ayako Hosokawa


Gemtue BL02 and Klipsch - Playing Too Young by Ayako Hosokawa

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OK so there are 2 videos here while they are crappy, if you listen closely I can say the SET tube amp wins, hands down with exception, that is:


With the SET amp not only that the bass has more presence but you can hear the detail of the string being pluck. Also the voice is more romantic / palpable as they say. And the highs are sweet (lush). 


While the marantz do all of those things the SET amp does it does it with a little less sweetness and lush. Although the one thing the marantz does better is that it has more of the mezzo-soprano voice (hopefully captured this in this video). More bass, more low end, making the SET sound sweet but a little lean in comparison. In the end, the SET goes and marantz stay. On the second thought if the audio bug bites, I may get the same SET amp again.


any thoughts or better yet let's see / hear your vids  :emotion-14:

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