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Need advice on getting a good reciever/amp


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I'm totally new to this, and i want to upgrade my music system. I'm planning on getting 2 R-24fs for my living room (14x13 ft) and a pair of R-15m's or a pair of R-14m's my bed/study room (12x11 ft). I know it might a bit overkill for such a small space, but I'm planning on having these for a while and eventually adding a sub-woofer once i get into a more spacey living situation (and more $). 

Now my question is. what would be a good receiver/amp, and which would be better for me to get (receiver or amp). I would get them for the sole purpose of listening to music for now.

Any comments or ideas on the setup are welcome since i'm a total newb and have no idea what i'm doing.


Thanks in advance 


Edit1: Is a Pioneer 5.1 Channel Reciever VSX-524-K good?

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I like the slim line Marantz AVRs for this sort of application.  They're equipped with bass management, so you're good to go when you add the subs.  They have pre-outs for the main L and R, if you need more power (the 50 or so watts they bring should be plenty for your small rooms).  Audyssey (meh), but that means DynamicEQ too, which is quite useful.


If you want to stay with strictly two-channel gear, you will have to compromise on some things (few to none offer proper bass management, for example, and due purely to economic factors it tends to be more expensive).  But there are worthy options, such as Yamaha's line of stereo receivers/integrated amps.  I'm a big fan of the ones that still have the analog "variable loudness" control, an old school feature that is still as pragmatic as ever.


Don't bother with external amps for your current speakers and room sizes.


[edit] I'm not familiar with that Pioneer, but considering your modest requirements I think it would probably work quite well for your situation.



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