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  1. Anti- Intellectualism

    In the context of this wonderful discussion on existentialism, anti-intellectualism, religious zealots with ulterior motives, moral cycles that correlate with the rise and fall of nations, and all that other socio-political-economic good stuff, I'll submit for your pleasure The Basic Laws of Human Stupidity.
  2. Elevated Klipsch Models.

    Hmm. Works for me, but let's give it another go: http://www.aandmcustomsteelspeakerstands.com/ And if that doesn't work, it's "A and M Custom Steel Speaker Stands"...I see their prices have gone up, but they're still in the 'bargain' category IMO. Good product.
  3. Fusion 12 Tempests vs. slightly updated forte II (crites networks, ti tweet diaphragms, stand mounted) Overall voicing: Tempests are on the warm side of neutral, where the fortes are less so and need some eq (mainly due to my using them on stands, which is not how they were intended to be employed). Directivity: Fortes are slightly more beamy than the Tempests, which equates to less uniform coverage at shorter distances. In my big room the fortes are fine, but I can get away using the Tempests almost near-field in the office rig. I follow the heavy cross-fire orientation on each to take advantage of time-intensity trading. Bass: Fortes dig deeper, and seem tighter or more 'dry' in their bass capabilities. I still find the fortes to be one of the best compromises w/ Hoffman's Iron Law of any speaker out there. Tempests roll off in the mid-40's or so, but more pronounced mid-bass kick. I love 'em both.
  4. Moving to music. Recommendations?

    Oh, there's quite a bit more to speaker engineering than that. Fortunately, there are a bunch of folks who've done the hard work for you. Check out diysoundgroup.com. I've built the Tempests, and they're really, really good. Compared to my slightly updated forte II, they have a better overall tonal balance (more on the warm side), a bit smoother, but with all the dynamics intact. And I see wvu80 beat me to the punch.
  5. Elevated Klipsch Models.

    Raising the speakers up gets the speakers into more optimal position and does help improve the image/soundstage, but there is loss of boundary reinforcement/bass, so the speakers will benefit from eq if you raise them. See my avatar for an example; those stands are available HERE (no affiliation aside from being a happy customer); I have to peel back the mids and highs quite a bit to restore the warm tonal balance I prefer.
  6. Threshold Stasis 3 amp

    Does your B1 have any tone or eq functions? If/when you eventually stand mount your fortes, which I highly recommend for the improved image/soundstage, their tonal balance will be altered, and you'll need the ability to tweak/eq.
  7. Good Radio Station, on the web

    http://kuvo.org/ Awesome jazz station out of Denver, they stream, and they're commercial free. Real jocks/musicologists spinning the tunes.
  8. Speakers optimized for sub blending

    It makes sense. I'm pretty sure diysoundgroup has some sealed types that would conform. It's also the approach of the old M&K brand. Well, at least the sealed alignment, with careful attention that the actual acoustic roll off @80hz was smooth and a genuine 12db/oct per THX specifications. They were anything but sensitive, but capable of getting quite loud without complaint. The MPS 150 used three tweets and two 5" mids in order to achieve it's dynamic capabilities. They had some well earned popularity on the pro side in production and mastering facilities back in their day.
  9. High End Audio

    Speaking of Toole and measurements, since Klipsch has an anechoic chamber they might want to consider doing the "spinorama" approach. If the results are good, maybe they would even publish them and tout what they've designed in the marketing materials. I wonder how the new FIII would do, for example.
  10. The Wussification

    My personal trigger is stupidity. Calling a class of people "wusses" is stupid. Blaming professors for brainwashing college students with Marxism is flat out stupid. Trying to have a discussion of epistemology on an audio forum is pointless and stupid. Allowing lies to propagate unchecked, while being intolerant of a few naughty words, is stupid. This place hasn't become wussified, it's just gotten more stupid, or the stupid has gained more influence here than it really should. That's taking place in our society at large, not just here in the forums. Here's a piece written by one of those dastardly college professors, of economics, and it has important things to say about human interactions, relevant to discussions on political topics as well as magic speaker wires. Oh, and BigStewMan, this is for you:
  11. Heresy III + sub or Cornwall III

    It boils down to room acoustics. With separate subs and mains, the subs can be placed where they best couple to your local acoustics, leaving you the freedom to place the mains for optimal imaging. Those locations rarely coincide, making the sub/main approach more adaptable. And Heresies are kick-butt mains. You may even want to elevate the Heresies on stands, to get the drivers up to ear level and away from obstructions. Heresies are sealed, which makes it fairly easy to blend with subs. Whether you run them full range like Muel suggested or high passed employing bass management, you shouldn't have any problems achieving a smooth transition to your sub(s). With your budget of $900, you're getting to the point where you could consider a pair of subs. A pair of modest subs can smooth your in-room response in ways that a single, more expensive sub never could. How much do a pair of modest sealed 12" subs from SVS go for over there?
  12. Standalone DAC necessary?

    Correct or not depends on if you're interests lie in the truth of the matter as it relates to the reproduction of audio vs. the commercial interests of a DAC vendor. You have to provide more substantial and convincing evidence than you have, at least if the truth is your aim. Just because you felt there was an improvement, you have not established that there actually would be, outside of your own expectations and foreknowledge influencing your perceptions. Under what conditions did you perform your comparison? Any bias controls whatsoever? You've probably fallen victim to what Feynman pointed out, that the easiest person to fool is ourselves. To subsequently report your subjective opinion as unvarnished truth, as justification that the OP should use to buy kit he doesn't need and may or (more likely) may not provide any audible improvements, is NOT correct.
  13. Standalone DAC necessary?

    You are correct. It's time to enjoy some music, and forget all about those little consumerism voices telling you that you need to spend more.
  14. I think you're right on target as to how us horn folks have to read between the lines with Toole's books, so you're providing a valuable service with this analysis. Still, there is lots of good info to be had, e.g. the chapters on bass are chock full of info that's more generally applicable regardless of what your mains are.