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Help with Living Room Setup


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Hello everybody I do have a litte problem! :unsure:


I got everything out of the the RP 280 (www.klipsch.com/products/reference-premiere-home-theater-systems#rp-280) for a 5.1 setup.


Everrything works fine has amazing sound and look stunning BUT in my room I cannot place the surround speakers left and right of my listening position.


I have 2 Options. (The room is 19 feet by 16 feet so no funny shapes involved but the windows are blocking some of my option)

Option 1

I can place them further back (within the recommended 110 degees) and about 3 feet above my listening position but this puts them about 1.3 feet from the back wall.

But if I do this do I turn the speakers so that the center of the speaker points to my listening position and what mount do I get for that?

Option 2

I can place them left and right of my listening position but about 4,3 feet above my listening position which is about 1 feet from the ceiling (and about 2/3 of the speakers would hang over See Picture).


I cannot place it on the back wall becasue the back wall is one big window.


Both Options are not ideal but which would you recommend?


I thank everybody in advance for their help. :D


P.S. Excuse my gramma and spelling errors I am from Austria (Europe) so not a native english speaker :) 



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I would think either option should work.  I favor the one that is the easiest for running the wires since this sounds like a living room setup.  Before hanging speakers from the ceiling, consider some in-ceiling speakers.  They work great and look good.

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Thanks for the awser :) 

Unfortunately I cannot place in ceilling speaker in my house becuase we have old brick walls.

I think I will go with Option one but do you think placing the surround speaker on something like this


will work? (On the german amazon site this only costs like 40 bucks :mellow:)


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