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Home cinema beast setup / cross


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I would like to ask you for 2 questions...


1) how huge should be room for r115 sw?

I got r110sw in 6x4 meters. Its really bone rattling booms shaking with my internal organs :) i got it only on 40%. I got lpf and in rcv 80-100hz. In tron movie about 42minutes its hardcored :D

so i am afraid of r115.

My friend has a r110 and smaller room and he cant reach my sound on 70%.

I think its cause by room acustic.

So should i go for r115? 


2) how is your setups, is there any recommended setup?

I got floorstands rf82 ii which is playing from 32hz i guess and i set it in RCV from 50hz, center 450c is from 60hz and surrounds rb61ii are from 50hz.

Lpf is 80 sometimes 100.


My setup is :

front: rf 82 ii

Center: 450c

Surrounds: rb 61 ii

Subwoofer: r110 sw 


Thanks a lot for advise.



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When setup perfectly any sub will work in a room.  No need to fear a 115 its a matter of smoothing the response in room to get rid of the scary peaks.  


Some avrs have autocorrection which helps smooth response.  Placing it in the right spot also has a huge if not the biggest impact.  Where it looks goodnis rarily where it sounds best.


115 takes u lower i wouldnt think of it as louder.  


Lpf should be at max on the sub so the ave handles all the crossover.  Setting the sub lower risks a weak spot at the crossover.


Few rooms are setup well enough to allow a great response at 50hz.  There are often issues particularly nulls due to the speaker distance from the front wall.  

I would try 80hz for all and even 100.  60 would be the lowest.  Test and see what sounds best or measure with mic if possible.  But sub lpf is maxed...all the way up.


U have a nice setup.  Enjoy!

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Thank you for respond. i dont know why the FS rf82ii playing drom 32hz and i should set them from 80. its not a pitty ?

I tried in a hurry make a view of my room and position of audio.

I ll try tomorrow that 60hz and 80hz.

LPF in reciever should be 80/90/100/120/off ?


Thank you in advance


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As wonderful as the mains are the sub can outplay them which will make the midbass nice.    More importantly the sub can be positioned optimally while the mains likely have issues up to 80.  If u can measure u can see what co works best.  Its fine to cross lower just guessing you will like higher because the sub does a better job up to 80 or more.  Ofren the response of the mains will be far from flat in that range.

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