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Specifications Klipsch Sixes


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I do not find information about the technical specifications of the Klipsch sixes, I need to know if the amplifier is class AB? What sensitivity do they have? Which sub would be the best to use with the Sixes? Is the amplifier with FET circuits?





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Fries has the SW-115 for less than five bills right now, a smokin deal on a very respectable sub.  If you go outside the Klipsch brand, check subs from Hsu, SVS, and PSA.


Not sure about the other questions.  I suspect they use class d since there are no heat sinks.  I would imagine a 100w (200w peak) class a/b amp would run too hot for inside a speaker cab without external heat sinks, but that's just a guess.  Sensitivity is kind of irrelevant, since it's a powered speaker where Klipsch did the amp matching.  

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