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Is Infinite Baffle right for me?

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I am looking to install surround speakers to match my front and center reference series speakers.  My living room has a raised ceiling, from 8' to 9'.  There is an angled transition from the top of the 8' wall to the raised ceiling, directly facing the optimal listening area.  This transition area is 16" OC but with only roughly 36" in height. Attic above, with vapor barrier on bottom of ceiling joists, and fiiberglass insulation between and above joists.  It is very important to me to maintain both high R-Value and an intact vapor barrier.  I initially though about enclosing the space in which I want to place the speakers, but with Klipsch's infinite baffle, that is not recommended. 


How can I install R-5800-W II's with an infinite baffle, while maintaining my vapor barrier and insulation? 


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The minimum "infinite baffle" space for in-wall speakers would typically be four inches deep, sixteen inches wide and ninety six inches tall, so if you built a back chamber of similar cubic volume and wrapped that with vapor barrier and insulation, the speakers should be right for you.


Another thought on the subject is that if you cut a hole in the sheetrock wall and the vapor barrier, seal the edges, then install a wall mount speaker in that hole, the speaker itself is now the vapor barrier for that spot. 

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