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SW-450 repair


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HI -


I am the neighborhood electronic geek and a friend asked me to take a look at his dead SW-450. I found an area of the silicone on the power supply board that was brown, and when I peeled it off there was some burnt debris where C29 on the power supply apparently used to be, close to the +48V (I think) output connector.


The power supply is an OEM board made by "Computer Device Co., LTD" in China, model HYS3A-210. Their Web site (hanny.com.cn) does not list this board among their products (there are some similar model numbers) and does not have any way to contact them to get a schematic or at least the value of C29.


Can anyone here help with the value of this capacitor? Or is there any way to get a replacement PS board...or is there a Klipsch repair shop in New England?







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