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New theatre build - speaker advice

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Hello I’m new to the Klipsch community and wanted to get some advice on a home theatre build. I’m designing my basement and have a large lounge 18’ w X 32’ w X 9 h. Screen will be on the 18’ wall seating about 15-20’ away. The back is open for a kitchenette/bar area.


Planning on a 120” screen and wanted some advice for a 5.2.4 speaker setup.


I was interested in either the pro 6502 or 6504L could work as a centre or use 250rpw lcr. Then I could use advice on the other speakers. I’ve never had in walls so i don’t really know what to look for. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

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Hi, I am pretty new here too.  I came looking for some guidance on speakers that would fit with a new 4K LED TV.  I was looking at Definitive on-wall speakers that are 1.5 inches deep.  A few kind souls here took me under their wings and explained some of the laws of physics to me, and I I am now finishing a system with RF-7 fronts, an RC-7 center and RS-7 surrounds.  Altogether that is over 250 pounds of speaker.  And my subwoofer weighs another 175. What I came to realize is that it just is not possible to create the sound I wanted from something as small as I planned.  I don't know what your situation is, but if circumstances allow, you might take the time to talk to people here about what would be needed to satisfy your actual needs.  I have been amazed at how much people here know and how freely they will share it.  


If you do that, I suggest that you post something in the Home Theater section because I think it may be more active than here.  In the end, you need to pick what works for you, but information is always a good thing.  Matt.

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