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Vintage gear I haven't used for too long! They've been sitting collecting dust so it's time to pass them on. The pre amp is a McIntosh C26 in good condition. Small blemish in glass (too hard to photograph) and some scratches on top and sides. Amplifier is a McIntosh MC2105 in excellent condition. Glass and bulbs were replaced 3 years ago at a cost of $260. The power switch has been bypassed. I just kept it plugged into the preamp and used the preamp to turn the amp on and off. The chrome strips on the sides are missing 2 small screws though I imagine a quick trip to the hardware store would fix that. The turntable is a Marantz 6300 also in excellent condition. Wood looks beautiful! Small scuffing on plastic dust cover from age. Recommend a new needle though. 
All equipment has been sitting for several years so it should be cleaned and tuned. (I would clean the pots at least once a year. They get scratchy over time. ) I can demo for serious buyers. Also available but not shown is a pair of Klipsch Klipschorn loudspeakers. (Currently in storage upstairs) These sound incredible through the gear I have listed! AA crossovers. I was planning on recapping the crossovers and refinishing the cabinets but life keeps getting in the way! Sound is excellent, physical appearance is not. Cabinets are black but need to be refinished. Scratches, chips etc but the grilles are good. I will only sell these if the other equipment is purchased with them! Sorry, I have a hard time letting them go. 
McIntosh C26 preamp - $575
McIntosh MC2105 power amplifier - $1650
Marantz 6300 turntable - $575
Amp and Preamp together- $2100
Amp, Preamp and turntable- $2600
Klipschorns- $1800 with purchase of other equipment.
Please text/email with questions. I usually don't answer phone calls from numbers I don't recognize. Thanks

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