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Upgrading Home Theatre to Atmos


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Hi Guys, I am new to Klipsch speakers but not new to HT systems. I want to upgrade my 10+ year old HT system because it hardly works with newer competes I have. I also want to upgrade to Dolby Atmos. Attached is the new layout. Room is 14ft wide x 16.5ft long x 8ft-10" high.


The existing room was purpose-built 10 years ago with Kinetics isomer clips to provide "floating walls and ceiling", cavities were filled with fibreglass insulation, and two layers of sheetrock was installed, with a 1" Kinetics KUA-100 acoustical foam sandwiched between the sheet rock. Acoustical caulking was also used seal the room. My only concern is the 3 window openings.


Equipment is as follows:


Existing (to be reused):

Subwoofer - B&W ASW608 (repurposed as rear subwoofer) (200W, 32-140Hz, 90dB)

Ceiling Speakers - Proficient Audio C850 - 4 of them (repurposed as oversea Atmos speakers) (175W, 28-22kHz, 92dB)

Dish Hopper

Elite Screens TE92HC2

Proficient IW550 In-Wall Front Speakers (125W, 60-20kHz, 88dB)

Samsung PN60F8500 Plasma TV (giving trouble - needs to be replaced)


To Purchase:

Denon AVR-X4400H Receiver

Optoma UHD65 4K Projector

Klipsch RP-280F Front Speakers (see above)

Klipsch RP-450CA Center Channel

Klipsch R-112SW subwoofer

Klipsch RP-250S as side surround speakers

Klipsch RP-150M or RP-160M as rear surround speakers.


Acoustic Treatments covers for the 3 windows.



1) As you can see from the diagram, the rear surrounds cannot be mounted on the floor (on speaker stands), because of the entrance door. Would it be okay to mount the RP-160M's on the wall (near to the ceiling) and point downwards to the listening area? Would this be overpowering to the listener sine they are monopole speakers.


2) For this size room, shower I use the RP150M or RP160M for rear surround?


3) Proficient In-Wall IW550 - not sure if to use these as my fronts or go for the Klipsch RP280F ?


4) Due to limitation on front floor space, my plan is to put the Klipsch R-112SW subwoofer inside the middle section of the credenza (it will fit). Any concerns on sound quality?

     Also any comments on location of the B&W 8" subwoofer at the back right corner of the room (see diagram),


5) Any further ideas on acoustical treatments that would noticeably enhance the sound?


6) From the diagram, you will see that the In-ceiling C850 speakers need to be moved to meet the placement requirements of Dolby Atmos. The front ones don't need to move to far. Can I get away with leaving them where they are or should I move them?


7) As you can see, the entrance door is along the opposite wall to the projector screen. This poses a problem in the day and affects the viewing. Thinking of putting a black curtain along the door but this would be very annoying to go through every day. Any other suggestions?


8) Are the speakers chosen too big for this room? Info so can you suggest other Klipsch models?


Thanks alot,



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