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FS: 4 Original Klipsch Forte 1's, in Virginia


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Bear with me, I'm about a thousand years old and never posted on a forum before. I bought my four floor, wood cabinet Fortes around 1985/6 and used and loved them until my last amp died a couple years ago. (Nakamichi and Yamaha) and had equalizer in pre-digital age. I hooked up all 4 at once placing 2 in front, 2 in back of sofa for early surround sound effect.They were oiled monthly. Cabinets in good original condition.Obviously I loved them to have kept them this long. Since I moved 2 yrs ago they're in my upstairs closet and downstairs climate controlled storage. Interestingly the guy I bought the house from had 2 Fortes in the sunroom. The inspectors signature sticker I believe is on 3 of mine. If anyone is interested in these I will have my handiman pull them out and take pictures but only if there is interest as theyll have to stay out . I dont have an amp to demo these. They are very heavy.  I thought I'd put the word out. You all seem so helpful on this forum and I want them to go to a fan who appreciates them. Any guidance re price or best place to list for sale would be appreciated. Thank you for any responses. Lin

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