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R-14PM default volume


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Hi all,


I've recently set up a pair of R-14PM (along with an R-10SWi) for use with my PC. They sound really great but have one annoying little issue: whenever they wake up after having gone into standby the volume is reset to its default setting which is a little too low for my taste. If I turn the volume on the PC up to 100% the overall volume is just barely loud enough, but I would prefer having it set lower for normal listening so that I can actually turn it both up and down using only the PC volume (so starting out at e.g. 40-50%).


So my question is: is there any way to change the default volume setting on these speakers?


Best regards,


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I am having the same problem. It does not do this for USB input but it does for phono and AUX.


Edit: I found out how to turn off standby mode, which pretty much takes care of the issue:

  1. Use the selector knob on the back to select any input mode other than Bluetooth.
  2. Press and hold the selector knob, then press the 'sub' button on the remote.
  3. Release the selector knob, then press it again.
  4. Now use the remote to select the input you want.

That ought to turn off standby mode.

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