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Klipsch SW-350 - not working, service manual wanted


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i'm searching for service manual or some diagrams of Klipsch SW-350. My subwoofer won't to turn on. There is probably a problem with power supply board, becasuse it has no voltage at the outputs VSB, and Out+. I'm searching for the information what voltage  should be there, or where i can buy similar power supply, or whole amplifier.


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although i have not fixed it, i have learnt a few things which may help.

have on/auto/off switch in on position.

measure voltages on con4, specifically the +- 7v supplied by the bias supply, if the +7v rail is low (about 6V)then you have a problem on the amp pcb, in my case it was the micro ic pulling down the 3.3v rail causing the 3,3v regulator ic to current limit and the increased load drops the 7v rail.

i was too quick to blame the amplifier ic ( a circuit would have saved me the trouble).

hope you find it helpful. i cannot obtain a replacement amplifier in Australia















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I just bought this sub second hand. SW-350. It is too bad that it won't turn on on any of the settings.. on/auto/off. I'm curious what did you mean by (a circuit would have saved me the trouble)? I hope to find out what need to be replaced on the interior circuit bordes..

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