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Incredible Pages from Audiophile Club of Athens !!!


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October 16th, 2002

1. To be up-to-date, please visit http://aca.gr once a week.

2. Send this post address to a friend who might be interested.


OCTOBER 2002 update from ACA.GR

Dear Fellow Audiophiles Hello,

Welcome to the mid-October 2002 Newsletter from A.C.A., regarding latest web-site updates and other Club's activities:



A.C.A.'s mid-October Newsletter (subscribe to A.C.A. mail list to receive it in your mail box!), 15 Oct

New turntables (from 'S p j' & 'RedPoint'(new t/t manufacturer), 15 Oct

New turntables (from 'Quintessence' & 'Micro Seiki'), 15 Oct

New turntables (from 'E M T'), 15 Oct

New turntables (from 'V.Y.G.E.R.', 'V P I', 'Walker' & 'Verdier'), 14 Oct

New turntables (from 'Townsend', 'Avid', 'Basis' & 'Blue Note'), 14 Oct

World Profile Page updated! (JMLab 'Electra' 926, driven by 'Monarchy', R. Van Es), 12 Sep

New & updated World systems (directory a), 12 Oct

New Club's double meeting (Dynamic speakers, driven by SS amplifiers), 11 Oct

New Audio... Paper Welcome to insanity..., (by T. Pothitos), 08 Oct

New Equipment Review page (Record non felt mats from 'ExtremePhono', by T. Pothitos), 01 Oct

13,000 visitors last month! (and still going up...), 01 Oct

New Items on Sale (Accuphase CDplayer, Vienna 'Beethoven' speakers), 30 Sep

Audio news snippets update..., 24 Sep

New & updated systems from A.C.A., 23 Sep

New World High End Profile (Multi-amplified horn/dynamic system w/ top analogue, G. Molinier), 23 Sep

New Audio... Paper Extremists and extremisms in High End..., (by T. Syrigos, in Greek), 23 Sep

New World High End Profile (20,000 watt multi-amplified horn home system, R. Burwen), 21 Sep

Page with incredible horns updated! (Incredible horn designs with 'goto' drivers!), 19 Sep

New Music Review page (Albums from Manu Chao & Gene Ammons, by T. Pothitos), 16 Sep

All links above are included in the "Last Month's Navigator" of our web-site, which is the first you should check out when you enter the site.

It refreshes at least 15 times per month and to locate it, go to left NAV-BAR of http://aca.gr, choose "Visit the latest!" and select "Last month's entries".



Next Month's Club meeting will be held on November 17th Sunday afternoon, at Christos Skaloumbakas listening place.



In our web-site, we incorporate a 12-Q multi-poll. Here are the current results (first 2 answers) of the most vavorite Questions:

What counts most for sound playback? (143 votes, to vote for this poll, click here)

Speakers: 36.4%, Listening room: 25.9%

Your favorite front end type. (122 votes, to vote for this poll, click here)

Analogue: 46.7%, CD: 33.6%

Your favorite amplifier's type. (117 votes, to vote for this poll, click here)

Single End: 28.2%, MosFet: 17.1%

Money spent for your present Hi-Fi? (112 votes, to vote for this poll, click here)

45 - 65000 Euro: 17.0%, 7 - 15000 Euro: 16.1%

Sources included in your Hi Fi. (106 votes, to vote for this poll, click here)

An & CD: 36.8, CD pl. only: 29.2%

Your favorite speaker's type. (115 votes, to vote for this poll, click here)

Dynamic: 37.4%, Panel: 20.9%

Equipment you like to see reviewed. (91 votes, to vote for this poll, click here)

Speakers: 35.2%, Amplifiers: 23.1%

Please, make your own contribution to these results. All 12 polls are placed in a table in our Basic Files of the web-site.


That's all for this month...


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Sunday is the big day. They are all coming over to my house - well half of them are - the other half are going to Tony's (much mentioned ex KHorn owner now Quad 989 owner).

Of course Tony had a major panic earlier in the week when he blew the right channel on his Accuphase but it seems the local dealer is coming up trumps and will have it ready in time.

Told him not to buy that cheapo Japanese stuff.... (lol).

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On 10/16/2002 8:34:39 PM TheEAR wrote:


I visit when I can,all class gear.Always good to see and read about the great systems of this world.

Each time I look at your avatar I turn green.

Now Dynaudio and Spendor are good,but your Genesis are great.Brrrr


Thank you very much 'The Ear', I feel very much humbled from your comments.15.gif

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Fortunately I have managed to eradicate from my mind the sound of Christos' system. If I hadn't Sunday would definitely be off!!

As it is I think I will try to get people to concentrate on the vinyl (which now includes some very audiophile stuff - some really surprizing I hope) and on the value for money of the system rather than its rating within the club.

The cost to me of the whole thing as it stands today was almost certainly less than the cost of the cartridge on Christos system.

Of course the fact that the current speakers were free helps that analogy more than a little...

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After what happened with Tony's Accuphase, I am still more adamant on my belief that the only worth-to-have jap equipment is of the SET persuasion!!

Good gracious me, I'm only joking...But I would have to win the Lotto to be able to buy an A50V 2x50W Class A behemoth for my KH's. But, then, what a perfect synergy...

See you on Sunday,

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