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Advice on speaker upgrade - RP8000 vs 8060FA?


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Hi All:  Long time reader, rare poster here.  I'm on the verge of upgrading my very basic HT setup from 3.1 to 5.1 or 5.1.2.  Here's what I'm working with currently:


Front L/R: Klipsch RP-160m

Center: Klipsch RP-450c

Sub: SVS 20-39CS (BIG cylinder!)

Yamaha RX-A1070 receiver (110x2 @8ohms, 5.1.2 atmos capable)

Samson S700 amp for subwoofer

Oppo BDP105 Bluray

Apple TV (Non 4k)


I'm thinking of upgrading in 2 stages:

1) Upgrade the front L/R to floorstanders, and move the RP-160s to surround duty

2) Upgrade the subwoofer to a powered version, and upgrade the power amp to drive the front L/R


Right now, I'm "paused" at stage 1 and seek advice.  I'm pretty sure I'd like to go from RP-160s to RP-80xx, to get a big improvement in sound, and yet keep voice matching to the RP450 center.  My only hesitation is around which towers to go with: the 8000 or the 8060fa?  My receiver can support 5.1.2, even without a separate amp, so I'm interested to try out Atmos. But it looks like there's a $500 PER SPEAKER premium on the FA's. I'm wondering, what have folks' experience been with the FA's?  Is it worth this premium?  Will I notice that much of a difference going to 5.1.2 over straight 5.1?


A few other factors I am working with that are relevant:

- I don't have the option to run in-ceiling speakers at the current time, so it'll have to be reflected atmos (flat, 9' ceiling)

- My intended use is roughly 50% movies, 25% music, 25% TV/non-HD streaming

- Budget is a factor - not looking to spend more than $2-3k per upgrade stage


I welcome your thoughts... especially those with atmos experience. 

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