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  1. I love these speakers! I had them serving as my front L/R in a 3.1 system until recent upgrades to RP8000s. Now planning to make them the mains in an MBR stereo system. Any suggestions on a good amp / receiver to pair them with? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  2. I also have the same question. Wondering also if it’s preferred to have the speakers at ear height, or mounted high near the ceiling, angled down. Interested to know people’s opinions and experiences. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  3. I was wondering, would 5.1.2 be a noticeable upgrade from 5.1?
  4. Hi All: Long time reader, rare poster here. I'm on the verge of upgrading my very basic HT setup from 3.1 to 5.1 or 5.1.2. Here's what I'm working with currently: Front L/R: Klipsch RP-160m Center: Klipsch RP-450c Sub: SVS 20-39CS (BIG cylinder!) Yamaha RX-A1070 receiver (110x2 @8ohms, 5.1.2 atmos capable) Samson S700 amp for subwoofer Oppo BDP105 Bluray Apple TV (Non 4k) I'm thinking of upgrading in 2 stages: 1) Upgrade the front L/R to floorstanders, and move the RP-160s to surround duty 2) Upgrade the subwoofer to a powered version, and upgrade the power amp to drive the front L/R Right now, I'm "paused" at stage 1 and seek advice. I'm pretty sure I'd like to go from RP-160s to RP-80xx, to get a big improvement in sound, and yet keep voice matching to the RP450 center. My only hesitation is around which towers to go with: the 8000 or the 8060fa? My receiver can support 5.1.2, even without a separate amp, so I'm interested to try out Atmos. But it looks like there's a $500 PER SPEAKER premium on the FA's. I'm wondering, what have folks' experience been with the FA's? Is it worth this premium? Will I notice that much of a difference going to 5.1.2 over straight 5.1? A few other factors I am working with that are relevant: - I don't have the option to run in-ceiling speakers at the current time, so it'll have to be reflected atmos (flat, 9' ceiling) - My intended use is roughly 50% movies, 25% music, 25% TV/non-HD streaming - Budget is a factor - not looking to spend more than $2-3k per upgrade stage I welcome your thoughts... especially those with atmos experience.
  5. Hi Andy! I've had RP-160s for a few years, using them as fronts for my very basic home setup. I had the same concern as you when I got the speakers, given our house had 4 active teenagers, a dog and 3 cats. They've done well seated atop a pair of Sanus steelseries stands - I highly recommend them. Have a look here: Sanus Speaker Stands
  6. After watching Hacksaw Ridge, I must disagree about the level of violence in Dunkirk - those two films are like night and day! However, as a parent I wouldn't watch either with young children. Which brings me to a variant on Vasubandu's question: can folks recommend movies with great surround soundtracks that are also family friendly? Blade Runner 2049 has a killer LFE track, but it's certainly adults (or at least late teens) only. Ideas? Suggestions?
  7. Thanks for all the quick replies! I have one update... embarassingly I mis-identified the speakers - they are RB-5s. However, it seems many of your comments still apply. I thought these had been discontinued for years - is it still possible to replace them? Or would I need to go with a newer model like the RP 160? I did check ebay and found a pair of RB-51-II for more than the price of brand new RP-160s!
  8. Hi All: I need to find a replacement for my RB-3 fronts (it's a long story, but suffice to say, they're well worn but now damaged to the point of impaired sound). The rest of my system consists of an RC-3 center and RS-3 surrounds, powered by a Denon 3201 receiver (yes my system is old) and an SVS cylinder subwoofer. Just wondering, if I replace them with RP-160s, would that be a decent upgrade but still balance reasonably well with the rest of my system? I'm on a limited budget, so not in a position to replace the whole system. I just want to back to good sound across the front. Any advice?
  9. I have owned RB-5s for about 6 months now, and have them simply placed on ledges right along the front wall of my home theater. They are very close to the wall, angled with less than 1" of clearance at the closest point. Lately, in doing some testing with AVIA, I have noticed some rather sharp spikes in output at different midrange frequencies, presumably induced by the location of the speaker and maybe resonance of the rear port with the wall. I have also read that rear-ported speakers are best positioned about 18" from the rear wall. Is this true? In this case, the term "bookshelf" becomes rather difficult to apply, since few bookshelves are 18" deep and would likely have resonance issues as well. So my question is this: what are other RB-5 owners doing? Where do you have your speakers placed? Is everyone using stands? have other folks encountered the feedback/resonance issue, and if so, how did you solve it? At this stage, my options are fairly limited. The ledge on which the speakers are located is fairly shallow, so the shelf positioning will probably not work. I am beginning to think my options are to either buy a set of speaker stands for about $200, or to tr to trade in my like-new RB-5s for RF-3s that I can position away from the wall. Your thoughts?
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