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  1. I just did my calibration on the Denon 4500H + Emotiva xpa 5 gen3 and when the volume is moderate I feel like I need to edit the calibration settings to turn up the center channel and turn down the rears. However when the volume is turned up for like a movie, I then feel like the center needs to be re adjusted again. So what level of volume does Audyssey recommend for movie viewing when it does its calibration? In my room almost all the speakers get -5 or -7db with the exception of the atmos and sub. Tv listening is usually around a 45 or 50. Movie is 60 - 65 max and then it starts to shake the whole house. Thanks for any help! Cheers, Spencer
  2. I think it's more of the high frequency hiss because it comes out of the tweeter. I can't hear anything coming from the copper cone in the speaker... Of course this is when my ear is right up on the speaker, but when I move a foot away I can't hear it. Obviously not a realistic scenario but you know us audiophiles! Thanks for the help @wuzzzer
  3. Hey all, I just got my new system hooked up: Denon 4500h, Emotiva XPA-5 Gen3, 11 speakers - no sub yet. I have the 3 front speakers + 2 surrounds coming from the amp, the rest are hooked up through the AVR. I'm watching game of thrones streaming through laptop -> chromecast and noticed a slight hum the the 2 surround speakers (rp - 500's). Only noticeable if there is a quiet scene and year head is next to the speaker. The front speakers have no hum I can hear. Any ideas what is going on? Thanks, Spencer
  4. Well I just installed my new Denon 4500H receiver, an Emotiva XPA-5 Gen3 amp, with 4 atmos speakers "mounted" in the front and rear of the room. I have an 11 speaker setup right now total with no sub yet. I just watched BladeRunner 2049 4kUHD and DAMN! Atmos does work pretty well, I didn't even try up firing as I have vaulted ceilings. I also setup the calibrated speaker EQ with Denon. I will admit this is my first major system and first atmos system, but during some of the scenes the sound really does go all around you. An echo for example in a hallway doesn't just echo to the side, it's above you as well - crazy.
  5. If you don't want to hang from the ceiling I would still try and put them up on the wall about 2ft above the MLP. So on the left you might want to remove the picture frames. On the right I would put it above the lamp and just mount it to the wall. Klipsch I think recommends 502's be above the ear to really help hide where the speaker is located. Then you will just need to run your EQ wizard to account for the new speaker positions, cus the left will be a little further away than the right from the MLP.
  6. If it was me I would move the Rears up a few feet to basically the back of the couch, just before the door/opening to the left of the couch. I would also hang them from the ceiling pointing down at the MLP. It won't be directly to the left and right of the couch, slightly behind, but close enough I think. Ideally upgrade to a 7.1 system, leave the rears and add 502's just a bit in front of the main couch. Something like the image attached
  7. What STC class rating are you trying to get?
  8. @jordan122345 - I ended up going 502s for both my rears and rear side surrounds because my couch in my current setup is right next to the wall behind it, and to the side. If I had more space behind me, like 5ft - I would have gone with the 500m or 600m. Side note - @MetropolisLakeOutfitters hooked me up with my speakers. Great service and prices! Hope this helps!
  9. Streaming + compression is pretty darn close to 4k, but if you have a nice system you can usually tell both in audio and video. Just watch some of the apple 4k reviews vs. blu-ray on youtube. I agree though it's a dying medium for sure, especially with 5g right around the corner - you can kiss blu-rays goodbye. Download a blu-ray in like 20s if you have a good connection.
  10. @PK09 - So awesome man! I think you'd notice a difference once you turn up the volume with and without it. That would be my guess anyways - I have yet to get my amp in the mail yet. I'll have more for you when I get mine - maybe it will help, maybe not. As for the amp assignment question to the speakers, I think if you are hearing audio it means you hooked it up right lol. If you want to test watts per channel, I think you will need a multimeter to do that. Here is a video I googled that came up - it might work. I think you just need to touch the red and black ends of the multimeter to the amp for one speaker channel and see what the results are. You could do the same for the receiver as well...
  11. Ok thanks @jordan122345 - Yea he didn't want to go less than 1400 so I just didn't buy it. Thanks for your help! I'll just buy new at that point, but I didn't know about audigon so thank you for that link too.
  12. Thank you so much! I'm building almost the exact system as well so I can't wait to get mine up and running with an Emotiva amp as well! I found an exp-5 gen 3 for sale that interests me, seller is asking 1450 for , reg price is 1599.00. He says it was used twice, what do you think thats worth? Is that a fair price? Cheers, Spencer
  13. @jordan122345 Really cool setup! Where did you end up getting your Emotiva amp? I'm in the market for one and wouldn't mind getting a used one. Thanks, Spencer
  14. @314carpenter Alright Here is a drawing of my cabinet with modded fans installed - wondering what airflow pattern will be best to use? Thank you for your opinions!
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