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R-15PM Bluetooth Static Issue


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I received my Klipsch R-15PM speakers yesterday and decided to try them out immediately by using the super convenient Bluetooth connection. I flipped the switch to turn them on and there’s this low static noise from the right speaker while on Bluetooth. This was even before I paired my phone, so I figured it must’ve been the sound of electricity or something and that it’d go away once I paired my device. I paired my phone and the noise was still there, even after starting a song. It’s slightly ignorable while playing a loud song, but it’s super obvious when listening to a more quiet, less involved song. Either way, it irks the heck out of me! I decided to try using the AUX connection with my phone next, and the noise wasn’t there, which leads me to believe it’s a Bluetooth issue.


Is this normal behavior for the R-15PM's Bluetooth connection or do I have some defective speakers? Any troubleshooting tips?

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I have this same issue. Lots of intermittent noise when a Bluetooth phone has its Bluetooth turned on. Goes away when all phones have Bluetooth disabled. 
shows up in every input regardless of wether sound is being played or not. 
move tried disconnecting any and all Hardwired devices and plugging the speakers directly into the wall jack (no power bar). 
Nothing helped, hoping someone else has come across this. 

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