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RP-3s Aren't Shielded?!


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pf, they are shielded. you must have a sensitive tv cause when i had the rp-3 & 5 right next to my tv no problem whereas did have w/ the new klf-30 (not shielded) in the same spots.

or maybe somehow they didn't get shielded. you may want to check them out or send/take them in to do so.

or can you move them any farther from the tv?

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I slid them over about 6 inches or so and they don't effect (affect?) my WEGA any more, but I would really like them in a bit closer. How would i check to see if they are shielded? Should there be bucking magnets already inside the cabinet?

To my AMAZEMENT if I point the cones of the subs toward the TV they are not as bad and can be within 8 to 10 inches or so from the tube, with the cones firing AWAY I cannot get them within 18 inches! I was surprised because I figured that if there was going to be an issue, it would be from the cone side given the difficulty to shield the cone area itself.

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pf, sounds like often & in your case just a few inches make the dif. & it makes more dif getting the magnets further away from the tube. keep in mind the farther apart the speaks up to a point the better seperation you get anyway. also usually better to have the woofs firing to the sides, but do which sounds best to you.

i though they put both bucking magnets & shielding cups on each driver magnet. so to check for bucking mags you may have to remove the shielding cups. the woofers sound like the problem though. bucking magnets are just a second magnet glued/attached to the back of the driver mags in the way that they repel the magnatism.

you may want to check w/ tech support/customer service at 1-800-KLIPSCH. myself i'd just seperate them more out from the tv, unless that puts them too far out for sound reasons, or makes them too much of an obsticle.

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Sonically, they are better further out, like I had them before, but visually (and more importantly, SPOUSELY) they are bettere closer in..

I would prefer to have the subs firing out, which is the issue now.

I don't recall one way or the other any bucking magnets on the Sub when I had the amps out for replacement, but I'll take a look.

Thanks for your ideas and time. I appreciate it!

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