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  1. Justin, You may want to check out this thread... Fine Food and Music in the "Lounge" section of the forum. We started it a year or so ago for our foodies in the group..... Boxx Oh fun! I used to host dinners and weekly movie nights (Cake and a Movie Night, new homemade cake, new movie, every Monday night for two years!). Maybe that will inspire me to get back into the game.
  2. Well I sure do wish I had known you back when I was in Plant City on the regular, I'd have loved to hear those speakers! I do work for the strawberry growers and used to be out there several times a year! What a small world.
  3. Wowzah! Never would have thought there'd be such a size difference!
  4. I called Pacific Sales and they told me they didn't have a showroom where you could listen to speakers, just order for delivery or installation. Seemed pretty crazy. Thanks for the Anthem endorsement, it was a brand I'd never heard of, gasp. Clearly I've been out of this for too long. Well one of the reasons I'm aiming more towards Paradigm Studio over Klipsch Reference is the performance at low volumes. I live in an apartment so getting to the levels I'd need to get the great dynamic range Klipsch has would also get me evicted. The Paradigm sounded just as good quiet as loud, and definitely got loud enough for me! Obviously I'm a HUGE Klipsch fan but my experience has been that Klipsch really shows off when loud, but when quiet or at medium levels, it simply doesn't shine. We had an RF-7 system when I was in high school but I don't think I ever played that lower than LOUD and my Klipsch Heresys definitely sound best with a good bit of air flow. I've gone to two Fry's here in the San Diego area and neither carried Klipsch Reference. They had Martin Logan and Polk and I think some Synergy but other than that, nothing. Also, let's discuss how crappy Fry's is here. In Houston I remember them being pretty awesome, here, half the speakers aren't plugged in and the iPad audio system they use is disconnected from the network, end result, works not at all. Acoustic Sound Design sounds interesting! I see they have B-Stock for $2,300; that definitely intrigues me.
  5. I got the makings for homemade Chicken Carbonara, from fresh made pasta to local bacon; it was a delicious affair (for one). I ALMOST picked up a pair of Paradigm Studio 60 speakers and proper receiver (Anthem MRS 510 or Yamaha RX-A1030) but traffic was horrible and I missed the dealing. So carbonara, and a bottle of wine, will have to do! Until Friday when I get another chance!
  6. OH man I definitely thought about the Palladium Bookshelf 17-B! They look beautiful and what I've read is pretty awesome. Sadly I haven't seen any near the price of the Paradigms, new they are 2x the price. Oh how I'd love to have something so fancy, sexy and apparently amazing sounding.
  7. That looks amazing, like something out of a Bond film. Do you live in a hollowed-out volcano? Asking for a friend... :-P
  8. Great photos! Love the size comparison, jeez didn't realize how much bigger the RF-7 II was!
  9. A local high end audio dealer, we need more here in San Diego, offered me $500 off a pair of Paradigm Studio 60s which has me really tempted! I LOVED the sound I heard from them when I tested them out last week. I'm not totally sold on this setup but it's where I'm leaning now. Wish there was a Klipsch speaker in that price bracket of $2,000/pair. Something in between Reference RF7-II and Klipsch RF82. The only reason I'm not leaning towards more Heresys is because I want a new sound, and the other Heritage is pretty large. My other concern with Heritage is from my experience, low volumes did not provide the dynamic range we all crave. I had to turn them up a good bit before it sounded the way I wanted, and at that point it sounded phenomenal but could be annoying to my upstairs neighbors. One way or another I'm now debating receivers, Anthem MRX 510 vs Yamaha RX-A1030 vs Pioneer SC-1223.
  10. Debating on receivers right now. These will either go with Paradigm Studio 60 or Klipsch RF7-II speakers in a 2.0 setup that will eventually be built out to 5.1. Each has many of the same features as far as power, technology, etc. Differences between them doesn't seem to be dramatic on the surface for my uses, it seems to come down to specialized tech like the room measurement tools, quality of DACs and power quality. If you had to choose between these three what do you think you'd do? Anthem MRS 510 - $1,600 Yamaha RX-A1030 - $1,000 Pioneer SC-1223 - $1,100 on sale for $550 on Amazon today I have never owned any new receivers, just classic tube amps or my HK430 so this is a big jump for me! I have been told that the power and DACs in the Anthem are head over heels better than much of the competition and that the RX line from Yamaha pushes the envelope for "affordable" receivers. The Pioneer I've never really heard about except that I saw it was on sale today haha. If I go with the Paradigm Studio 60s (which I was pretty amazed at during an extended listening session) I can get the pair for $2,000 direct from Paradigm via a local dealer, that's savings of $500. If I go with the Klipsch RF7-II (which I have never had the chance to listen to, no Klipsch showrooms in San Diego?!) I'd pay the full $3,200 which is really more than I'd want to spend. Thanks for your thoughts!
  11. So I might be moving. Came home to this wonderful scene. It's not often you can see my bathroom and office at the same time... This makes three homes I've had that ended up having major mold issues within the first month of living there. Boy do I know how to pick them?! While that was happening I was on a search for Klipsch dealers here in San Diego. Basically there aren't any that have showrooms. I was blown away. Back in Texas they were a dime a dozen, here your only option is really Best Buy but that's limited to Synergy. And that's not just Klipsch that is without a showroom, very few brands are represented out here. Focal, Paradigm, B&W and MartinLogan are available across three different shops but that's it. Sad. I did try out the Paradigm Monitor 11 speakers today and was blown away at the sound for $1,600 a pair. Anyone put these up against the closest Klipsch counterpart, RF-82 II? I'd love to do this but it appears I'd have to buy the Klipsch and Paradigm then do the test. Lame. Meanwhile, here is my sad setup at this point. Relatively sad I suppose. Though of course it seems everyone is in agreement that another pair of Heresy or perhaps the Fortes would be a smarter choice than buying new. But gosh, did those Paradigm 11s sound fantastic, even without a sub. Here is what I left behind.
  12. You can buy foam repair kits on eBay http://www.ebay.com/itm/Subwoofer-Foam-Repair-Kit-For-Klipsch-Promedia-2-1-System-/151159315210?pt=US_Speaker_Parts_Components&hash=item2331cc1b0a Also check PartsExpress.com if you wish to replace the entire driver. They have lots of quality parts at affordable prices.
  13. HeadRoom and FiiO are both options I've used in the past with good and affordable results. I'd also check out the Maverick Audio amps, they look pretty solid, though I haven't had personal experience with them, yet.
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