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  1. Bump for some really clean speakers
  2. I've also had good luck on swappa, have bought 2 phones and 2 tablets
  3. Is there a forum thread on how he did the restoration?
  4. What application do you use to generate the list?
  5. Very nice! I wish mine looked that good. Did you document any of the repair work?
  6. Also priced very high. I bought the same set local on CL a few years ago in like new condition for $30.
  7. monoprice is good for cables
  8. Swappa is a good site to but used phones or tablets. They try hard to make sure the phones are clean so you can add them to your plan. They do all the carriers and unlocked phones. I bought a used Samsung Note Pro 12.2 for AT&T and had a very good experience. https://swappa.com/
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