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Bi-Wiring choices for RP-7

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I have been listening to my RF-7's for a few months using Audioquest Indigo+ speaker cables in the straight run configuration. Now I am considering going to the Bi-wire option. Any suggestions about using these cables on the "bass" section and some other cable for the "high" treble posts?

Or has anybody else found an exceptional set of bi-wired cables in the lower priced range (under $400 a pair)? Let me hear what you've got.


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Just found out about JPS Labs, Inc. ULTRACONDUCTOR Bi-wire cables. Best part is the company is located about 20 miles from my home! But I still had to purchase these cables through the local distributor. Price was $400 for a set of 10-foot long runs with spades on all ends. These are a "true" bi-wire set, not just one cable with individual strands seperated for the low and high freqs. They are two seperate, complete sets of the JPS Ultraconductor wire. They use a proprietary "Aluminloy" wire. This company is world renowned and many experts rate their stuff the best. They are being hand built today and I should get them installed by the weekend. I will post my opinions later.3.gif

Check out their website: www.jpslabs.com

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