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Why did I put my speakers here....


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Hi everyone, I've been using Klipsch products for around 15 years and love them.  I finally got around to dedicating a room for my home theater and it's working pretty good.  I went for an Atmos 7.1.4 setup.  But I'm not sure I have my speakers identified or placed correctly.  I don't know much about Auro 3D except I think it is not as popular for formats on many DVDs at this point.  I was thinking Auro 3D and was thinking of putting a VOG speaker in the middle of the ceiling, but would rather concentrate on getting Atmos 7.1.4 setup properly.  The image I included shows the general layout of my room.  My TV is a Sony 75" XBR75X900F 4K, my receiver is a Denon AVR-X6400H (no additional amps).  Everything sounds really good as is, or at least I think it does.  For tuning / reference I use the DTS-Dolby & Atmos Reference Blu Ray's from 2016, the Atmos samples seem to place the sounds where I would expect them (at least I think it does) when looking at the visual video reference on my TV.  So I guess my questions is:  is it OK to have the SL/SR, RHL/RHR and SBL/SBR all in the ceiling?  Should I relocate any of these speakers for a better or more proper Atmos experience?  My seating is the Octane Bolt XS-400 recliners and are located about 11 ft from the back wall and they can't be moved forward.  When sitting in my middle recliner I'm roughly 11 ft from the TV display to my nose.  If I relocate the side surrounds to the walls, they would be further out by 6 to 7 feet vs in ceiling where they are located now.  This is the only big change I was thinking could be possible.  Thanks in advance for any guidance you may be able to offer.  







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Hi Sir


Im just going to go straight into it. First off, your speaker placement is wrong. The seating also. In addition, the choice of type speakers here for the different channels are sadly wrong. 


There are certain channels that are initially meant to be ear level and some ovehead.

Ear level: FL/FR, Center, SL/SR, SBL, SBR

Overhead: FHL/FHR, RHL/RHR


Of course there are expections to this in that you can mount a center above a tv and have it firing downwards and SL/SR can sometimes be ceiling mounted as long as they are wide out and firing down to the side of the viewers ear. Same principal for ceiling mounted SBL/SBR. Thing is, these expections go out the window when you also implement a height stage. When you do so, the channels that are initially meant to be ear level has to stay that way. 


Sorry if the text above was taken harshly.  On to the advise part then!


The main viewing position, be it the sofa or your recliner, should be placed as best as possible smack inbetween Center and SBL/SBR. Tilt your center upwards with for example a door stop so it fires straight for your nose. Judging from your picture here, you should be able to have ear level SBL/SBR speakers, so please go for that. Somewhere above your SBL/SBR should the RHL/RHR be placed. Directly to the sides of the couch would be the best placement for ear level SL/SR with the accepted 20 degree offset infront/behind the couch from the viewers perspective. In addition, all speakers should be angled to your preferred spot on the couch. If your speakers are ported, have about 10 inches  of space from the back of your speaker and any wall behind it. Your FL/FR, Center and FHL/FHR are fine as long as those FHL/FHR are angled properly. Depending on your room, you might want to get a second sub. 


I realise that i basically just advised you to go out and buy even more speakers, rendering some of those you already have obsolete, buy more, longer and possibly thicker cables, and leave your roof with holes. I dont know if you got any advise from someone before buying and installing this setup. But its just sad and regretable when i think about your money being spent so poorly. 







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Thanks HenrikTJ,  I take nothing harshly when asking for advice.  If I didn't, then I'd not be getting true advice.  I will consider all your information as I'm already in the process of reworking my room !  I will update this post once I have the room re-do complete!  Thanks again for pointing out all the do's/and don't do's ! 



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