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I have RP-3 and thinking to get RF-3 is that ok?


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sal, yes the rf-3 is a great refined accurate speaker for the low price. currently using a pair in the stereo listening lounge. should be an improvement especially for music in front & especially w/ a nice, capable sub up there.

those rp in the rear should give you some great bass to bring up the rear. & their tweeter horns match fine w/ the rf.

see if they'll throw in an rc-3 for a couple c-notes. did we talk about replacing the c7 w/ that for a great seamless voice/timbre match w/ the rf already?

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I just got my RF-3 II and so far best speakers I ever had and can't believe how great they sound.

Okay my home theatre now with RF3 II in front and RP3 are in the back and I had some great Polk speakers for the side's 7.1 setup and Klipsch KLF-C7 center 9huge and great bass and detailed center).I know KLF C-7 doesn't match perfectly with my front and rear speakers; do you really think I have to change the center (How much different it will be) I was thinking to go RC-7 instead of RC-3.If I go for it which one you really recommend (Big price difference between them)

Thanks again

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sal, i haven't heard an rc-7 w/ rf-3 but on paper it looks fine, & especially if you're use to the higher dynamics of the c7. the rc-7 i know is much louder/more dynamic than the rc-3.

what you're looking for is a seamless blend across the front. either constant or when a sound sweeps from one front across the center to the other front. don't want an unmatched speak disturbing the blend.

the C7 also uses a tractrix horn though so it may not be a real drastic dif. best if you could demo the ref centers against the c7 there at home. most dealers should let you do so.

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