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FX-Audio Tube-03 preamp - any other users ?


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New to the community here, and new to Klipsch speakers..-- Wondering if anyone else here is using this little pre-amp ..


I am happy to report that my new Klipsch R-41M's sound wonderful with this pre feeding a Parasound power amp. I have never owned Klipsch, and the 41-M's replace a pair of Polk T15's ... the speakers can really rock ! I have been playing them through the day while at work -- they are playing in a bedroom, and seem to be the right size ... assuming they are broken in ..


Over the summer I was given "an old stereo in the basement" as the neighbor described it ... turned out to be a Fisher 400, complete with tubes .. which I nursed back to life, with the help of some very helpful souls at Audio Karma.. this was my first experience with tubes ... I was converted... thought I would experiment with a 'hybrid' setup, and I do like the results !

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