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Connecting A Subwoofer Via the LFE Input


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I'm in the market for a new integrated amp to pair with my Heresy II's.


My SVS subwoofer manual implies that when connecting an A/V receiver/amp to the subwoofer using an A/V's single, LFE output and the subwoofer's LFE input, to turn the crossover control to maximum. I guess their thinking is the consumer would be using the source's subwoofer management capabilities.


I want to buy an integrated amp that has a single subwoofer output (not labeled LFE, just Subwoofer) with a fixed 90Hz low pass crossover. I want to use a lower frequency than that. It seems to me the crossover control on the subwoofer should still work with the single LFE input on the subwoofer (it has stereo inputs as well), up to the fixed 90Hz output of the amp. I'm hoping to cross over to the Heresy's in the 50-60Hz range.


What say the forum?

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