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Wyetech Ruby STD Preamp


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Price: $3,900. Location: Rochester, NY

($12,000 from manufacturer or $6,395 from Canuck Audio w/o warranty)
SEE WEBSITE https://www.wyetechlabs.com/products/preamplifiers/ruby-std

The Ruby STD preamp uses the latest development in grounded grid configurations which surpass all our previous designs. While lab experimenting, we happened to stumble upon an observation of stupendous consequences that would have seemed impossible beforehand. We have not only managed to simplify the circuit using less parts, but have allowed 3 useful and necessary functions to be performed by one precision Vishay 0.1% 25 ppm metal film 1 watt resistor.

As a consequence, we can state with certainty that this line stage is the fastest possible using tube circuits. While it would be possible with solid state devices to reach these speeds, very few of the ultra high end solid state line stages that we are aware of approach this extreme bandwidth. Not only is it flat from 20 Hz to 250 KHz but extends way out past 1,000,000 Hertz. As always the three stages are non-inverting maintaining absolute phase.



Tone Audio
No. 75 - November 2015 - Reviewed by Rob Johnson

This is a very special preamplifier, offering performance rivaling the world's finest…

In the context of the four different systems at my disposal… the main characteristics of the Ruby that came through loud and clear… were this preamplifiers spectacular bass drive, extension and control along with an incredibly deep soundstage…

…of the preamplifiers in my collection, I`d compare it the most closely to the $33,000 Koda K-10, with an almost absence of `sound` but with a few drops more of tonal saturation…


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