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2.2 Treble Troubleshooting

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2 hours ago, Natertots said:


My technical knowledge isn't sufficient enough to explain why it could happen but it is possible to fry speaker drivers. I do not know how sensitive the tweeters are on the 2.2s but it is possible that a previous owner did something, like playing them too loud, that killed both tweeters. Diagnosing if you have bad tweeters can easily be checked with a multimeter once you have disconnected them from the crossover network.


indeed they were!  all mysteries solved at once: why they were abandoned by their owner, why they were so cheap, why they were "tested working," why they were as is....someone just blew both tweeters...popped two new diaphragms in, easy as pie, sounding lovely with the new crossovers, sprung for the titanium diaphragms from crites, all for the cost of a couple 2.2's that worked in the first place...only a couple months of my life as cost.  thanks for all the help!




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