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Klipsch Three ii starts at top volume

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I use my Klipsch Three II exclusively as a bluetooth speaker.  From time to time, when I first start it up it will blare at top volume, scaring the bejeezus out of me (and probably not doing good things to the speaker, either).  I can't tell any rhyme or reason for the extreme outbursts, and it's really vexing me.  (And yes, I have reset the speaker already, but have still had the problem.)


It happened again this evening.  I had been playing it for a while (using Apple Music on my iPhone) then paused the music and took my phone to another room in the house for a while (likely out of bluetooth range).  When I came back to the speaker room and started the music again, it blasted deafeningly at top volume (before I could turn it down), even though I had done nothing to alter the volume on my phone.  It's really jarring, and makes me anxious about using the speaker.


Any idea what's going on, and how to avoid these deafening jump-scares?

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