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RF-35 Impedence Chart


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As Gil pointed out, the RF-35 impedance curve has not been published. However, a few educated guesses may help.

Klipsch rates the speaker at 8 ohms nominally. It is probably closer to 6 ohms which is exactly how the RF-7 measured.

Next surmise: The horn is much more efficient than the cone woofers. In order for the cone woofers to "keep up", the impedance on the cone woofers is about half of the horn's impedance. The woofers draw more current, hence have more power to put out sound.

The bottom line is that a good amplifier will produce tighter bass on Reference towers. A lot of power is not needed, but the amp needs to be able to drive 4 ohm loads with double the current of an 8 ohm load.


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