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Klipschorn Biwire/ Rewire question


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Help Guys, I've searched the archives, to no avail. I am considering new speaker cable-currently using the huge Monster Cable, which my Khorns are wired with and feel like there must be room for improvement. I hope you good folks can help me with several questions.

1. Is there room for improvement over the Monster Cable?

2. Is biwiring the preferred technique now? If so, how do you wire in the speaker posts? I have four binding posts on each speaker with no jumper between the pairs.

3.If you go to higher quality cable, doesn't the fact that the speakers themselves are wired with Monster negate the whole deal? I guess the question is, isn't the path from amp to driver only as good as its weakest link? Should you at least rewire from the upper binding posts to the mid/high crossover with the same wire as your speaker cables, or better yet solder one cable directly to the crossover, thereby eliminating the mid/high binding post entirely?

Thanks a lot for any advice. John

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