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Another Klipschorn wiring question


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On 2/22/2005 9:01:35 AM jdyer wrote:

If that is the case, doesn't it stand to reason that signal carriers from amps to speakers would make as meaningful differences?


Yes, I think that it all counts, including the internal wiring in the speakers themselves. I don't place a great deal of emphasis on speaker cabling, except that it should be as large in diameter as you can reasonably afford. Due to the longer runs typical of speaker/amp separation, it is not as cost effective in my experience to put alot of money into it, as one might with interconnects. But the principle is still valid.


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Finally, an answer. Thanks, DMan. I am finishing today the Cardas SE 15 cables I bought from DIY Cable. Interesting design--concentric, inner wire wrapped in thin teflon used as positive, outer twisted sheath used as negative. Cardas says effective AWG 15.5 and that's about what it looks like. According to Cardas, designed for SET amps and speakers over 100/1/1 efficiency. Cardas also says that SETs like thin wire. Also duly noted that someone in this group accuses Cardas of peddling snake oil. I'm going from what I think may be 10 guage Monster, so we'll see. BTW, the kit is a load of fun to build and the end product is really nice looking. Less than 200 bucks for 16 footers. The problem is that once you birth the baby, it probably always looks (sounds) beautiful. Thanks. John

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