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What do you think of this HT setup?

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It's not mine - I saw it listed and this link on another audio/video forum...


Hitachi 61SWX10B RPTV

Parasound 2500u Pre/Pro System Controller

Earthquake Cinenova Grande 5 Channel Power Amp (300 Watts X 5)

Klipsch La Scala (Main)

Tannoy 12" Dual Concentric Royal (Main)

Bose 301 (Rear)

Klipsch Heresy (Center)

Earthquake Supernova MKV 12 (Subwoofer)

Scientific-Atlanta 8300HD HiDef Cable Box DVR

Theater MasterĀ® MX-500 System Remote

Panasonic H1000 Progressive Scan DVD Player

Philips TiVo (Upgraded to 400hr)

Roku Photobridge HD High-Def Media Player

Sansui VRDVD-4005 DVD Recorder/VCR Combo

PureAV F9A833-10 - Isolator Home Theater Surge Protector

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The spider man poster is so 2002. Also the first room he set up his stuff looks nice, then he put it in a new room, with Tannoys on top of the LaScalas, that not my thing.

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Sweet nacho,I updated my poster for you,hope you like it I call it special P,it was taken in hawaii when my wife and I were there for a friends wedding.Please keep your ears open for an earthquake cinenova grand 3 or 5.Thanks.

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