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Harddrive problems!


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Ok, this is extremely wierd... I really need help with this. Everything on one of my harddrives dissappeared... and i mean disappeared, not deleted! Seriously, it just vanished! One minute i'm looking through my files in my second harddrive, the next minute I open a folder in my primary harddrive, the next I close the folder to go back to the secondary drive, and boom! there's nothing there!! It just plain disappeared in an instant. If i had deleted it, it would have at least shown me a deletion warning or something. And here's the real funny thing... it still tells me that a certain amount of harddrive space is taken up, as if everything was still there. I thought maybe i had just accidentally made everything on the drive "hidden," but that apparently is not the case. I really need the files on that drive desperately, because that was filled with years of creative stuff I've done that I really do need. PLEASE HELP!


- Abe

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Hmm. You need several things. First, open up your case and make sure all your IDE cables are plugged in securely and in the right orientation (strip towards power). Also make sure your slave drives are on the middle cable connector. Secondly, if you are using an Intel 82371 AB/EB board, download their Bus Master Drivers (A.K.A Piix3 & Piix4).

Piix3 wont work with 98/2000, but it will work with NT/95, and will boost your hard drive performance about 50%. In case you are wondering, the Piix drivers rebuild the South Bridge controller to treat your IDE drives as PCI drives. Before you do all this, make sure you have adequate heat control in your system to prevent the platters on your hard drive from warping. If you need more help, send me an email to tekk@hot-shot.com.




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