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Help with picking setup please :)


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Alright I am new to home theatre systems and what not but I was offered a pretty killer deal on some Klipsch stuff so I thought why not since I have always liked my klipsch computer speakers. I just bought the Onkyo 705 reciever to power these speakers as well.

So here are the speakers I have to choose from-

RF-82 / 62 's RS-42 's RB-61 / 51 RC-52 SUB-RW10D / RW12D Now these are the only ones I can get at a deal so yah I have to work with those. Here are the setups I have come up with so far please give me your opinions on which would be the best for a new guy.

setup 1 RF-82's (fronts) RC-52 (center) RS-42 (rears)

setup 2 RF-82's RC-52 RB-61 (didnt know which would be best behind me)

setup 3 RF-62's RC-52 RS-42 (sides and rears)

Now I heard that the RF-82's dont pair well with the RC-52 and that maybe I should drop down to the RF-62. When I looked at that I was going to be able to afford going 7.1 as well. So if I choose setup 3 or a variation of it I can get 7.1 even though I am not sure if that is the best plan for me at this point.....7.1 seems kinda of intemidating when it comes to placing them and getting it to work right.

Now I could also in setup 3 do 2xRB-61 for rears if those are better and 2xRS-42's for the sides.

Placement wise my apartment's living room is not that big so any of these setups are going to be overkill so whatever on that. The rears are actually going to be line up with my seats seeing as the couch is on wall so the rears would be right next to the ends of the couch I guess. If all that matters. Distance from the couch to the tv is going to be under 10-15 feet even when I move to a bigger place that I plan on doing in about 3 months. So 7.1 might be hard to setup.

All of the above setups were including the RW12D sub by the way I just thought I would be the better choice from what I have read. Setup 1 was my first plan and the one I was wanting to go with but if the 82's are going to kill my center channel then that makes no sense.

Please tell me what you reccomend for me my knowledge on picking this stuff out is very limited at this point.

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OK, your receiver should have sufficient adjustments in the Home Theater setup to avoid any one speaker overpowering another. I've never heard of any grouping of Klipsch speakers overpowering another. That is ALL adjustable in your setup menu.

I'd go with the best you can afford, as the speakers are the absolute weakest link in any system.

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I have the very set up you are looking at. 82 fronts, 52 center, 42 rears, 10d sub. I actually have a fairly large room this is in with irregular walls and open house environment. I am very happy with this setup. THe only thing I am questioning is the 42 rears. I can't mount them on a rear wall and have them on stands. I may take them back and get the 61s for the rear. Still deciding that.

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