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Which rear surround bookshelf speakers are best with this setup?


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Hello Everyone,

I have scoured the postings and haven't found a clear direction on where I need to take my system. I am in the process of moving to a 7.1 configuration and and will have a pair of RF-5 as my mains, one RC-7 as my center and a pair of RS-7 for side surrounds. While my intent would be to try to get a pair of RB-75 for my rear surrounds I am not so certain that this is going to happen within a reasonable timeline nor amount of money.

With that said, what speaker pair would you recommend for rear surrounds with a 7.1 setup if I do not use a pair of RB-75?

Thanks for the input and insight!


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Ok, makes sense based on what I am reading. So, based on the response from TNRabbit, what does everyone think about using my existing pair of RS-3 for my rear surrounds for 7.1? Would this be "enough" to keep up with the rest of the setup I am building?

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That will certainly work, though I think you should look for a pair of Rs-7s for the future, you never know when 7.1 will be utilized more in the Blu Ray format. As of right now, your RS-3s should be fine. Not a perfect match, but as already stated, that is not quite necessary (UNLES you listen to music often in matrixed 7.1 sound)

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