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Icon WF-35 mini review:


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Just set them up at work today. The Espresso finish is a VERY deep, dark brown with the slightest hint of wood grain - will pass for black in a darker room. It will look good in a modern 'non-wood' setting or if you have dark wood. The Cabernet is a very bright (but beautiful) red with lots of grain showing. Both are awesome-looking, very European look, like something I would expect from Jamo (hmmmm, who owns them?) If you had these speakers in a five million dollar house, they would not look out of place.

Sound is incredible. About 15 of us heard it throughout the day, including people who don't care for the 'Klipsch sound', and ALL of them were impressed.

Bass is stupid for speakers this small using 5.25" woofers. At least in this room, I would say it was as much as the RF-82's (maybe not as deep, but great musical bass with lots of texture and definition). Listened to a lot of industrial and electronic music with punishing bass, and these things just took it.

Mids were clear. Even at high levels, things were clear and easy to understand, especially dialogue.

Highs were interesting. The knock on Klipsch is punishing highs, but these speakers are much smoother, but still have some bite. However, at high levels with electronic music, it never made you wince or want to turn it down.

These speakers sound much bigger than they are. These are NOT lifestyle toys that Klipsch built to make yuppies happy. All of you would enjoy having a pair of these.

These speakers will probably not play as loud as the bigger Reference towers, but they will get loud enough for practically anyone, even in a huge room. Just like with the Icon X series, Klipsch really outdid themselves with these.

The WF-34's were good, but the extra size and $300 is well worth it for the WF-35's. Dare I say the 34's were a *little* compromised while the 35's did not let me down at all.

As a quick bonus, also played with the XW-500d. It looks ultra-modern and is built very well (as were the towers). Lots of bass, very clean sound, and very fast (as in, not sloppy and loose). Only played with it for 10 minutes or so, so I cannot give you a full breakdown.

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Where did you purchase these from?.............B B shows them as not available yet.................and I don't want to order or have them shipped.

Thanks for the review...............

Kenratboy works for bestbuy, I guess magnolia got their delivery

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