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  1. ***UPDATE*** Ok, so I went down to check out the 2200 again at the pawn shop and found out why it is only $99 - there is no remote. I had them hook it up and play a CD and a DVD. The unit worked just fine. I then asked about the 2900, and they said that the remote works with either unit (but would only sell the remote with the 2900). I was getting ready to leave and they said that they would drop the price of the 2900 to $200 out the door. Bottom line, I bought the 2900, and think that I got a good deal. The unit is in cleaner shape than the 2200 (the 2200 had some of the silkscreening missing and a few scratches). The 2900 did not even have a scratch. I might just go back and get the 2200 though, and see if it cleans up. Possibly put up on ebay or offer to someone here (if I can get a remote and it cleans up well). Did I do the right thing by spending $100 more for the 2900?
  2. I did not know that the DVD-2900 and 2200 were low line players. I thought they were a cut above mid-fi.
  3. Hi. I could use some advice. My 2 channel setup is currently running a Denon DCM-340 to my Heresy/Sophia Baby tube amp setup. The sound is very nice, but I would like to play SACD and DVD-A on my 2 channel setup as well. Also, my home theater system is using a Denon DVD-1920 for movies, DVD-A, SACD & CD playback. It sounds very nice, especially with DVD-A's and SACD's. Now here is my dilemma - I just saw a couple of nice Denon DVD players at a local Pawn Shop. One of them is a bit pricey at $325 - a DVD-2900. They also have a DVD-2200 for $99. I know both of them use Burr-Brown 24/96 dacs and have a good reputation. I do not know how they compare to my DVD-1920. Should I consider purchasing the DVD-2900 for my home theater system and flip the 1920 over to my 2 channel setup? Or will the 2200 do better there? I guess I want to maximize each system with a player that will fit the best. Lastly, since these are universal players, do they give up anything to my dedicated, but lowly DCM-340 5 disc player. Gurus please chime in. I could really use the advice. Thanks, Milton
  4. I already have a tube based system - my amplifier is a Sophia Electric Baby Amplifier. I was using a SlimDesigns Squeezebox as my front end, but switched back to a Denon CD player when the Squeezebox gave me erratic performance. The Denon is a so-so unit (DCM-340) but sounds fairly nice. Will the tube buffer help if I already have a tube system? By the way, I heard that most tube CD players are just regular CD players with a tube buffer built in. I don't know if there is any truth to that statement. Milton
  5. Well, I am looking for ideas to spruce up my CD player or get a new one. I ran across some raves about "tube buffers" that supposedly improve the sound quality of any CD player. I saw the Yaqin Tube buffer at this site and became interested: http://www.pacificvalve.us/YaqinTB.html Does anyone have any experience with such things? Are they worth it? Thanks.
  6. I know nothing about this sub. It had a rattle in it, but found that a small screw was somehow in the cabinet. I removed it and it sounds great. It has a tiny tear in the surround that I may try to repair with rubber cement. Does anyone know if this is a very good sub? I see them go for about $130 on ebay, so it must be one of their lower offerings. Thanks for the help. Milton
  7. The Cornwall speakers are excellent! At 98.5db they should give plenty of quality sound. IMHO the best overall resonably price Klipsch Heritage.
  8. Thanks, I will contact them to find out.
  9. I was going to hook up my Sunfire sub to my tube/Heresy setup and then I read something in the manual that stopped me in my tracks. It reads "Your amplifier or receiver MUST have common grounded outputs, or it will be damaged if connected to the subwoofers's Speaker Level inputs." What does this mean? I don't want to screw up my amp. Thanks.
  10. Thanks to you both for the responses. I will order another one. Should I get a matched pair?
  11. I am new to tubes so please help me. I just received a Sophia Baby amp about a week ago. The amp sounded great for about 2 days with my Heresy's. Yesterday, when I turned the unit on, the right channel started making scratching sounds (sounds like a noisy pot) and then a squealing sound. I quickly turned the unit off. To make sure that it was not the amp, I switched the tubes around and noticed that the other channel was dead (no sound) and the channel that originally was scrachy was now playing music. When I switched the tubes again the scratchy/squealing sound returned. Looking at the bad tube shows me that the bottom is glowing blue, and the top was not lit at all. Is this normal for the tube to go like this? What could have caused it? Should I return the amp (under its return policy)? Thanks for your help. Milton paniced in Florida
  12. After hearing the difference in my Heresy's I will have to wholehartedly disagree. The difference in ny speakers is obvious. I did not start this thread for a flame war, only to report something that I felt was worthwhile. I am not criticizing the goal, just the technique. If tightening up the horn did not work, you could try a gasket around the mouth flange. If more is still needed, how about a large package of rubber bands to put around the horn? Anything except that nasty rope caulk. Bob Crites. Actually, Bob, that is valuable information. Thanks! I did not know that rope caulk would deteriorate with time (and I plan on keeping my speakers for a long time). I will replace with Dynamat Extreme (the stuff with the silver backing) when I get the chance to do so. The important thing to know is that dampening the metal horns DOES make a difference.
  13. After hearing the difference in my Heresy's I will have to wholehartedly disagree. The difference in ny speakers is obvious. I did not start this thread for a flame war, only to report something that I felt was worthwhile.
  14. I got mine at Walmart. I am sure that any hardware store would have it as well. Just make sure that you get out all the air pockets when you put it on (especially around the edges).
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