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    I;m going to have some fun tonight !!

    NOSvalves saved my Khorns! I've heard them on several occasions over the years and have desired a pair for a long time. Local dealer had a beautiful used (1990) mint pair in his showroom and I could'nt resist. Delivery truck showed up. The furniture movers brought 'em in. One of them asked me what I was going to "drive" them with. Golden Tube Audio SE 40. He then informed me that a friend of his repaired tube amps. I wrote down the number in case I might need it sometime. The next six weeks or so with these speakers reminded me of my wife. She sure was fun to date. But when I married her and had to live with her every day, I could'nt stand it! She would bite my head off every night JUST LIKE MY NEW SPEAKERS! Oh, I meant to say my ex-wife. They were almost my ex-Khorns. Before I commenced with the divorce I thought I would have my amp looked at. Enter Craig. We spoke on the phone and he told me to bring my amp over for him to take a look at. I mentioned that I was thinking about sending it to Sonic Craft to have it modified. I was hoping that maybe he could do it. Especially after looking at all the amps in his work shop. After looking at the Sonic Craft websight he informed me that the mods looked good and that they obviously had experience with this amp. His advice was to send it to them. But if I wanted, he would bring his (heavily modified Dynaco MK III, I believe) amps over and we could compare the sound. My amp: Little bass, screeching midrange and highs. Craig's amp: Tight, "balls to the wall" bass, midrange and highs that I could actually lean into and listen too! What an amazing transformation! One song led to another, music that I was very familiar with sounded totally different than what I had been listening to. Craig had a really good Dire Straights CD that I had'nt heard before. SPL meter check: Wow! It does'nt SEEM that loud! From a "measly" 30 watts? My amp sucks; I needed a cold Bud. Now I know what my speakers are capable of. I need to decide what to do about my amp. I probably should just have Craig build me one but I'm trying to stay within my budget. One thing seems to lead to another in this crazy hobby of ours. Talked to Sonic Craft yesterday and was impressed with Jeff. He seems to be a straight shooter. I won't mention his opinion of Klipsch; he's in the speaker business himself. I met his ex-partner in Seattle a couple of weeks ago at VSAC 2003 and he said a lot of good things about his former business associate. Sonic Craft Jeff's opinion on the Golden Tube is that it's a really good design but that the parts quality of the original amps is terrible It's a single ended pentode (I think he said its wired in triode). It has original Sovtek 5881 output tubes with Sovtek 6sn7 input tubes. These amps apparently were very unreliable but I have not had any problems with mine. Other than the fact that it sounds horrible with my speakers. If anyone has experience with these amps, I would appreciate any comments about them. And Craig, "This Bud's For You!"
  2. First post. Been lurking here for a while. Long enough to make an informed purchase of a beautiful pair of 1990 Klipschorns (WO) signed by PWK himself. Fun, fun, fun! Good job guys! Thanks for all the great information. Next is to purchase Heresys for center and rear. Ebay. Won the auction. 1988, good condition, black, good price. UPS truck comes. I'm the proud owner of a pair of Heresys with NO TWEETERS! AND NO HOLES FOR TWEETERS! Just what I want for my center channel. Did a search for "Heresy theater" here and there they were, my new speakers, subject of debate on this very forum. Seems that even people "in the know" did'nt know what they were. Found out today what they are. Called Steve P. of Klipsch. I talked to him about a month ago about biamping the Khorns. He's a great representative of Klipsch, very helpful and friendly. I have "Professional Theater" surround speakers (TH-SR-2) designed for Pro Logic systems. No tweeter required due to the roll off at the frequency extremes of that system. I have no one to blame for this purchase but myself. The speakers were not misrepresented on Ebay. If I had looked carefully at the pictures I would have noticed the absence of the tweeters; the speakers are black and I did'nt look close enough. Many posts refer to the Heresys as "theater speakers" but this seller really meant it. That's me. I'm Dumb of "Dumb and Dumber". I ordered tweeters from Klipsch today ($35/ea) and crossovers ($75/ea). Crossovers are required because the TH-SR-2 network has nothing connected to the tweeter section. I don't have the technical knowledge to modify it myself. Now that I think about it, maybe I should contact NOSValves for his input. He only lives about ten minutes away from me. Bottom line is that my new speakers cost me about $240 more than I thought they would. Hope I like the sound. Hope they last awhile. Again, thanks to all on this forum for the great information.