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  1. When I first bought my Forte's several years ago I thought why waste my time and money on upgrades since the Forte's sounded so good. Eventually I upgraded the caps in my crossovers (I also set them up for bi-amping) and noticed an improvment. Next I upgraded to the Crites tweater diaphrams and was impressed again with the high end. Then I upgraded to the Crites midrange diaphrams and was impressed on how well they blended with the Crites tweater diaphrams. Finally I installed spikes and noticed a tighter bass.

    Fortunately after all this time and money I am still enjoying my Forte's.

    I am doing the same thing you did and have new crossovers(BEC's), new titanium diaphrams, and soon will get Crites midrange diaphrams, and then get the spikes.

    When I put in Crites midrange diaphrams I'll post how each upgrade changed the sound. Overall I am very pleased with the upgrades and highly recomend BEC for upgrades. [:D]

  2. If those are your only options then the C7.

    I had a C7 between La Scalas and pretty good but if you are able to get a La Scala at a later date as the center do it!! Amazing difference when I went from the C7 to a La Scala as a center.

  3. The new crossovers have been in allmost two weeks now. I am not sure if the midrange is overpowering the tweeter or the tweeter is not running as hot as with the old crossovers but the higs are not as good as with the old crossover.

    I am going to install the titanium diapghrams Thursday and see if that helps the tweeters come alive and hopefully balance everything out.

  4. Live music beats any system

    Good live music!! Inexpesive Good local Live Music!!![:D]

    If the show costs 2 times or more what the cd cost it is not worth paying the money for me. I would rather spend the money on 2-5 new cds than pay 2-5 times the cost of a cd to see any band.

    I saw BB King with Jimmy Vaughn and it was a great show but for what I paid I could have bought 4-6 BB King cds and gotten a lot more enjoyment out of it than the 3 hours I spent at the show.

    Next weekend I'm going to see this band for free. Bought the cd great sounding cd!


    Support local live music in your area!!![Y]

  5. Thanks for the link to the website. Great pics!!

    I do not have the money for L-550a ii or the L-590a ii so I have not tried to hear them. Maybe next year I will check out the L-550a ii.

    I used the L-505f with La Scalas with great results.

    The luxman l-590a2 + palladium p17b should sound outstanding when you get them pictures please![:D]

  6. Here is review of the Luxman L-550a ii and one pair of speakers used are Klipsch Heresy IIIs.


    They felt the L-550a ii and Heresy IIIs were a very good match.

    So the Luxman L-590a ii and the Palladium p17b should be a very good match. If I had the money the L-590a ii would be my choice also. Let us know if you get the Luxman!! I used to own a Luxman L-505f which is the model before the L-505u. Enjoyed it very much!!



  7. Well read this post and a couple of others and got the BUG and ordered new crossovers and titanium diaphragms for the tweeters and will order the Crites midrange diaphragms in August.

    That will be the last upgrade I ever make on the Fortes[;)] , really the last. I guess it would also help not to read any more post about upgrades.

  8. That is the thing about this hobby what works for one person in their system may not work in your system. Just have to try things for yourself.

    Once I get BEC's new crossovers and titanium tweeter diaphragms I will wait 2-3 months and try the midrange upgrade and see if I like it.

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