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  1. In 1985 I bought my first pair of Heresys in Dhahran Saudi Arabia and mailed them back to the US.  Great speaker That I usually used with Luxman receivers with great results.  


    I have a Pair of Chorus IIs and have not been thrilled with them.  They are good speakers but to me the Fortes sound better, more balanced.  I had a pair of Fortes but sold them to a Friend.  So I am thinking about selling the Chorus IIs and getting 3 HIIIs and do  2 channel  music/home theater.  


    So does anyone that owns the HIIIs have a opinion on how they sound?     

  2. On 2/9/2018 at 8:24 PM, jjptkd said:

      Also a lot of people complain about the forwardness of the Chorus II, especially when compared to the forte, I think this really balances them out, especially at lower volumes. 




    This is how I felt going from the Forte to the Chorus II.  May have to try this.  

  3. I built 6 inch risers for a pair of La Scalas so the midrange horn would be ear level. 


    I have a pair of Chorus iis and will make risers.  The midrange horn is 29 1/2 inches and when I sit on my couch my ears are around 36 inches.  So a riser at least 4 inches to

    5 1/2 inches should do it.

  4. Just got my Schiit Saga Tue.  Also bought a CBS Hytron 5692 6SN7 tube for it.  From all the reviews  and what I have heard so far on the Saga tube stage is not a huge sound difference from the passive stage.  After the CBS Hytron 5692 has 2-3 months then I can listen if the tube stage sounds more of a noticeable difference to the passive stage. 


    I run a HDMI cable from my Sony smart tv into my Oppo 103 and then to my tube dac.  My Oppo has Pandora,Tidal and Youtube (I usually watch/listen to youtube on the Sony tv) into my system sounds very good.  I then run the Saga into a 15 watt EL 84 tube stereo amp and out to Chorus iis.  


    After two days and around 10 hours on the Saga it is starting to sound very good.  For someone on a budget this preamp is a great deal if your equipment matches up with the saga.   


    So far very pleased with the Saga!

  5. 9 minutes ago, bkevind said:

    I have Multi-bit modi 2, and the asgard 2.

    I was thinking about getting one of the Schiit preamps.  I do not need the balanced connections on the Freya so may try the Saga.  

    What speakers are you using with the modi 2/asgard 2? 













  6. 12 hours ago, SWL said:

    They were probably screwed up in one way or another.

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    I bought them new so to me just a okay Klipsch speaker.  They were good for 5.1 home theater but for 2 channel stereo listening Heresy, Forte much better.  I have read about mods you can do to improve the KLF 20s but I never knew about them when I had them.  I went from the KLF 20s to La Scalas and the 20s could not compete.

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  7. I went from La Scalas to Fortes to Chorus 2s and La Scalas over Chorus 2s.  The Ch 2s are a great speaker but to me the La Scala has been the best Klipsch speaker I have owned.  


    Of the 3 speakers I listed the Fortes had the best balance between bass, midrange, and highs.  The La Scalas midrange was outstanding but overpowered the bass but when listening I never felt I needed a subwoofer.  The Ch 2s bass overpowers the mids just a little. 


    I would rank them La Scala, Fortes, Chorus 2s.  All are great speakers!  



  8. Your Onkyo P-3000r has a usb input you may be able to run a usb cable from a laptop or desktop to the preamp.  You would have to figure out a control method.  


    I have a HDMI cable from my desktop computer in the bedroom thru the bedroom wall into my 55 tv.  I take my wireless keyboard and mouse put on the living room table and they wireless thru the wall.  I then have a optical cable from my tv to my preamp/AVR for sound.   


    This also lets me use my 55 Sony as computer monitor.:P 


    If you have a laptop then run a usb cable to the preamp.



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