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  1. If it was you or me who had the stuff, of course we'd have been smarter and kept a lower profile, but that would have made the story less interesting.

    Most movies have some flaw in them that we overlook.

  2. The L-509u should sound outstanding with your P37fs!![:D]

    I used to have a Luxman L-505F(the model before the L-505u) and really enjoyed it. When you get the L-509u let us know how you like it and post some pictures!

    I do not have the money for the L-509u but the new L-550 ax I may get next year.


  3. I've got to choose between a pair of Chorus 1s and Forte 1s.

    Between the Forte II and chorus II I would agree with you but he is talking about the Chorus 1s( bass 45)and Forte 1s(bass 32).

    I have not compared the Forte 1s to the Chorus 1s but I have compared the Forte 1s to a pair of La Scalas I owned and the Fortes bass was much better than the La Scalas.

  4. I always suggest Luxman because of most of the other top world brands are always mentioned but rarely Luxman. I do not know if a luxman dealer is in the city you live in but if you can find a dealer ask to listen Luxman. You may prefer another brand but you may like Luxman better.

    These might work:

    http://www.onahighernote.com/luxman/?c=8&id=30 with http://www.onahighernote.com/luxman/?c=7&id=49

    http://www.onahighernote.com/luxman/?c=8&id=32 with http://www.onahighernote.com/luxman/?c=7&id=49



    http://www.onahighernote.com/luxman/?c=4&id=43 with http://www.onahighernote.com/luxman/?c=7&id=49

    or if you have the money



    http://www.onahighernote.com/luxman/?c=4&id=35 with http://www.onahighernote.com/luxman/?c=7&id=46

  5. I had La Scalas(LS) and then got a pair of Fortes(FT) and I found I liked the midrange of the LS and the bass of the FT. The int amp had a sub out so ran cables to another amp and hooked the FT up to it. I then unhooked the midrange and tweeter frotm the crossover so just the FT woofer was working. Put the LS in the corners and the FT next to the LS.

    Worked out great the FT worked like a sub that blended perfect with the LS. LS bass goes down to 50 but with the FT subs added in my system went down to 32 and made a big difference in sound.

    Now of course I am not married so I could have two sets of big speakers in the living room.

    I lost my job about 3 years ago so had to sell the LS but kept the FT and I found more of my music sounds better on the FT than the LS.

  6. From what you said you probably should have gone with the Oppo-93 since movies and dvds are your main focus. The Oppo 95 is more for people wanting better sound quality than the 93. A magazine review of the 95 vs the 93 said in his audio/video system the 95 did not sound that much better than the 93.

    When he moved the 95/93 to his music system the 95 sounded much better than the 93. The 93 sounded very good but the quality sound system let him hear the differences better.

    I have returned equipment that got excellent reviews but just did not have the synergy in my system. They sounded good but not any better than equipment I already had. So in your case I would return the 95 also.

    When the 93 came out I ordered it but canceled my order because I had a working PS3 and my Denon 2900 was working for SACDs & DVD Audio and I could not justify the extra $500.

    However I have about 50-60 SACDs & DVD Audio and my Denon 2900 is not working and the PS3 technology is about 3 + years old with out 3D(not to sure 3D is very important but I have not played with) so with any Christmas money I get I probably will get one.

    sometimes you have to try equipment to see if it works in your system.

  7. Prices sure have come down on Mits DLP's. I bought a 52" Mits 52628 DLP back in Nov of 05 for about $5k. Never had a prob with the set and sold it to a friend back in Sept of 09 for a Pioneer 50" Kuro. That Mits is doing fine, just the bulb had to be replaced a few months back and my friend loves the set.

    Thinking about selling my G9 kuro for a bigger display, maybe the Panasonic 65VT30 Plasma or the new Sharp Elite 60".

    Just saw a Sharp 80 inch next to a Mitsubishi 92 inch. The sharp had Speed Racer(silly movie great visuals) on it and looked very good for $4900. The Mitsubishi was on but nothing playing it was $4500.

    One thing about the Sharp I noticed is the sharpness was turned up too much but that could be turned down, very good picture. If I had more time I would of asked to have the movie put on the Mitsubishi, next time.

  8. I am going to upgrade my old Denon and looking at different Onkyo models. The choice is between 3 of them: HT-RC370, TX-NR709 and TX-NR809. I looked at the specifications on Onkyo site and back panel pictures of all these models, but still can't decide.

    HT-RC370 vs TX-NR709. The 709 has 10 extra watts of power per channel, which I probably will not need or notice with my speakers, 1 more HDMI in and out and zone 2 trigger. Other then that they look the same. For some reason HT-RC370 has less complains about failures and negative reviews. The difference in price is not significant.

    TX-NR809 on the other hand has different (better?) video chip HQV Vida and push-pull design. Are these 2 improvements worth spending extra $200? Will I hear the difference in sound or notice better picture quality? It also has more power, but again even my 70 watt Denon has more power than I need.


    Go toward the bottom of this link there are reviews of all 3 you mentioned plus the reviews on the 1009 and 3009.

  9. I have not seen the original in a LOOONG time but it seemed more of a comedy/action and the new one had more of a serious tone to it.

    I thought it was a very good remake but have to pick the original cause of the Duke![Y]

  10. Got this one on blue ray and looks/sounds great!

    I grew up reading Thor comics and they did a very good job of trasfering the comic to a movie.

  11. Not bad just one flaw, spoiler alert:

    for a man whose mind had just been given limitless abilities I found it silly that he could not remember to pay back the loan shark(who would KILL HIM IF HE DID NOT PAY THE MONEY BACK) which causes all kinds of trouble for him.

    Still liked it.

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