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  1. Tried some of the links on this forum and none of them worked....outdated? Maybe someone has a parts list for the 5.5 crossover?
  2. Have finished installing new Crites Ti tweeters, and am wondering if there's any benefit to installed precision flared ports like the ones in the link from Parts Express? If so, which one?? Thanks. http://www.parts-express.com/Search.aspx?keyword=flared%20port%20kit&sitesearch=true
  3. Hi all, I need 4 acoustic isolation wedges for my (4) KG 5.5's similar to this, but larger to fit the dimensions of the bottom of the 5.5's... which are: Width 12.25” Depth 17.5” Weight 69lbs Everything I've found so far is too small. Any suggestions?? Thanks!
  4. Hello all, I'm pretty new to this forum, but have owned Klipsch for quite a while. I have two pairs of KG 5.5's that I would like to fully upgrade. I have already ordered the titanium tweeter diaphragms from Bob Crites, and they should arrive soon. I am also considering new crossovers, but will install the diaphragms first and see how they sound. Unfortunately (and I will freely admit) I am not the greatest DIY guy in the world. Ask me about computers and I'm all over it, but wiring and building is not my forte.... So, what I'm asking for is some advice and hopefully a point to an illustrated, step by step presentation of how to get into, improve, and button up these speakers. I've not even opened them yet, so I don't know what to expect....They have not been stressed at all, and are in quite pristine condition, but while I have a few bucks, I would like to upgrade them for the long haul... Some additional info: I'm going to be using these in a HT/music setup, so I will be purchasing a Yamaha Aventage receiver, as well as an Emotiva XPA-5 amp. Music tastes are classic rock, soul/funk, jazz, Pavarotti and others.... A few questions based on some reading I've done.... 1. Replace the crossovers with Crites? Highly recommended? 2. Shall I install some damping foam inside the cabinets? - How? 3. Do the cabinets need bracing? Is this necessary? 4. Anything else? Again, if someone could point me to a site where I could see some of this, and learn more, that would be awesome. Thanks so much for all of your help. Jim
  5. I have two KV3 Center channel speakers. Can these be used together somehow in a 5.1 or 7.1 setup and if so, how to wire them? Thanks for any help.
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