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  1. I have to mute my Line In when not in use. 90% of the Horrrriiibbbllleee Hiss comes from it. (thats my tv tuner btw)
  2. I have to mute my Line In when not in use. 90% of the Horrrriiibbbllleee Hiss comes from it. (thats my tv tuner btw)
  3. Well Union. Try wigling the jacks in the back of the sats till you get the least noise out of them. Check to see if you don't get any interferance from other devices. ex. If my tv tuner(line in) is off i can still hear it faintly in the background. So whenever i watch movies or play games i mute my line in. This is actually 75% of the hiss i get from my pros. I couldn't believe how quiet my pros where at high volumes(no sound playing) when i mute/unmute my tv tuner. Anyways play around with the wiring a bit it might help.
  4. LOL fawwaz I got bx6 rev.2 mobo along with p3700. I plan on waiting a little bit to do the next upgrade. New mobo's are coming out and faster system buses will be available soon + will need new ram, cpu, vid card most likely. I hope my pc can tough at least another year. BTW got a spare 500 celeron and voodoo3 3000 kikin around Any takers??? lol I think my pile will just get bigger and bigger.
  5. Wow. I'm really impressed with the custom woodworking. Some guys build some pretty sweet stuff
  6. HOLLY COW!!!!! That has to be the crazyest thing i have ever seen for Home Audio Wicked!!! LOL "can even act as a load bearing device" LOL Thanks for the link Paragon. BTW, how are you enjoying your pro's. Nice to hear you got 'em
  7. Wow Distec An application for sonotubes that i never new existed. Not just for filling cement with anymore Nice stuff. I 've got a 12" Akai sub kickin arround, i wonder if i could do something with it?
  8. Two thumbs up!! Looks kool Paragon
  9. Sorry for the double post. Got "click happy" when nothing was happening.
  10. Why not just get an "FM" pci card
  11. Why not just get an "FM" pci card
  12. Well asudhir, since i've been making sings for about 15 yrs. now (give or take), i feel i might be able to point you in the good dir. First off, lightly sand the surface you wish to paint (400 grit sandppr or similar). Be carefull about the dust (dust gets everywhere) Then with a damp cloth wipe the surface clean as best you can. Use a cleaner that removes grease ie. windex or somth. (greasy finger prints can ruin a paint job) For the type of paint i would recomend waterbased acrylics. (easy to clean and doesn't smell so offensive) If you want to put the effort in to it i would suggest you use an acrylic primer first. (it really makes the paint stick better and makes it tougher and last longer) Use brushes, tape an x-acto knife(to cut designs with) especially an airbrush if you have access to one Check the labels on the paint containers to see the recommended surfaces (it's a good indication to how it will perform. Might stick for a while but if it's not the right stuff it wont last) Hope i gave you some helpfull tips, if you got other quest. on painting feel free to ask.
  13. quote: i'd throw myself in front of a mack truck to save my 4.1's MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!! I can actually picture it and it's a hillarious thought. LMAO LOL janko
  14. Well, at least you got your deposit back Windstorm My buddy still hasn't bought them, i keep inviting him over to watch dvd's in the hopes that he finally goes for them but so far no go. Needless to say i don't hang around his place to much now. boo hoo lol Especially now that i got cable hookup nad been playing UT online everynight for a week. UT + Promedias = Warm fuzzy feeling he he
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